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Advantage Analysis

High production efficiency: ERW steel pipe adopts high frequency resistance welding technology. That can achieve rapid continuous welding process, thus greatly improving production efficiency.

Low cost: Due to high production efficiency and simplified process, its production cost is relatively low.

Saving materials: In the production process of this pipe, the utilization rate of raw materials is high, which can effectively save materials.

High dimensional accuracy: It uses rolled steel strip/coil with uniform and accurate overall size as raw material. So the dimensional accuracy is high and the wall thickness is uniform.

Good surface quality: good surface quality, short weld and high pressure.

Wide range of application: This steel pipe is widely used in water supply and drainage engineering, oil and gas engineering and other fields. It can also be used as piling pipe, bridge, dock, road, building structure pipe and so on.

ERW Steel Pipe

Operation Steps Of ERW Steel Pipe

Raw material preparation: The factory will use the hot rolled wide strip steel coil as raw material for pre-treatment, such as unwinding, straightening, end cutting, end welding, cutting edge, etc.

Forming: The pre-treated steel strip enters the forming machine for forming, mainly using continuous roll forming method or row roll forming method.

Welding: At the same time of forming, high-frequency resistance welding technology is used for welding to form a continuous weld.

Weld treatment: After welding, the internal and external welding thorns (welding nodules) at the weld are removed by the welding thorn removal equipment.

Sizing and cutting: After sizing, the steel pipe is sawed to a fixed length.

Finishing processing: straightening, flat end, hydraulic test, inspection, wire and coating (or galvanizing) and other finishing processing processes.

Packaging factory: The final packaging and factory.

ERW Pipes

Why Buy Online

variety of options

Online shopping platforms usually have a large number of ERW steel pipe suppliers and products. It provides users with a rich choice. Whether it is brand, specification, material or price, it can be easily compared and selected.

Price transparency

The price information on the online shopping platform is more transparent, and users can compare the prices of different suppliers in real time and choose the products with the highest cost performance. In addition, some platforms provide analysis of price trends to help users make more informed purchasing decisions.

Convenient and quick

To buy steel pipes online, users do not need to go to the physical store in person, just place an order at home or office through the Internet, you can enjoy home delivery services. This not only saves time, but also reduces transportation costs and energy consumption.

Rich in information

Online shopping platforms usually provide detailed product information and pictures to help users better understand the characteristics, uses and performance of steel pipes. In addition, users can view reviews and feedback from other buyers to get a more complete picture of how the product is actually performing.

After-sales service guarantee

Most online shopping platforms provide perfect after-sales service, including returns, exchanges, repairs, etc. This provides users with more security and reduces the risk when purchasing steel pipes.

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