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Main performance of Ship Plate Steel

  • High strength

The yield strength and tensile strength of ship plate steel are higher than that of ordinary steel. It can meet the requirements of sailing loads in various Marine environments. Its strength levels are divided according to the minimum yield point and include general strength structural steel and high strength structural steel. There are more specific grades of high-strength structural steel, such as A32, D32, E32, F32, etc. They respectively indicate the impact toughness that can be achieved at different temperatures.

  • Good pressure resistance

When a ship travels in the deep ocean, it needs to withstand tremendous forces from the water pressure. It has good pressure resistance and can maintain a stable form in the sea for a long time to ensure the normal operation of the ship.

  • Corrosion resistance

Ships are subjected to corrosion and oxidation of seawater for a long time while sailing at sea. Therefore, the ship plate usually uses alloy materials containing steel, chromium, nickel and other elements. These elements can improve the corrosion resistance of steel, reduce rust and corrosion on the steel surface, and extend the service life of the ship.

  • Good processability

In addition to meeting the physical property indicators, it also needs to have good processing properties to cope with various process requirements in the manufacturing process. It is usually made of medium and low carbon steel and is easy to process. This can meet a variety of complex molding requirements.

  • Good weldability

It can be connected and repaired by arc welding, gas welding, laser welding, etc., without defects such as cracks and pores. This ensures the overall strength and tightness of the hull.

Ship Plate Steel

Introduction to The Advantages of Ship Plate Steel

1. High safety performance

Due to its high strength, good pressure resistance and toughness, the ship is more safe and stable during navigation and can resist the influence of various harsh environments.

Long service life

Its corrosion resistance can reduce the rust and corrosion of the steel surface, extend the service life of the ship, and reduce maintenance costs.

Strong adaptability

It has good processability and weldability, and can meet the manufacturing needs of different ship types and different process requirements. At the same time, its excellent cooling performance allows the ship to sail over a wider geographical area.

Good economic performance

Although the price of this steel is relatively high, due to its high performance and long life. In this way, the maintenance and replacement cost of the ship can be reduced, and the economic efficiency can be improved.

Ship Plate

Why IBC Metal Group

Product Quality Assurance: IBC Group has a good reputation for the production and quality control of ship plate steel. The steel provided by the company has the characteristics of high strength, good pressure resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and good processing properties, which make it able to meet the needs of ships in complex Marine environments, so as to ensure the safety and stability of ships.

Customized services: The Group provides customized services to produce ship plate steel according to the specific requirements of customers. This service can meet the individual needs of different ship manufacturers for ship plates, thereby increasing production efficiency and reducing costs.

Reliable brand reputation: IBC Group has a long history and good brand reputation, which can provide customers with a certain degree of trust. When choosing a supplier, customers often consider the reputation and reputation of the supplier, and choosing a reputable brand can reduce transaction risks.

Perfect after-sales service: IBC Group provides perfect after-sales service, such as technical consultation, installation guidance, maintenance services, etc. These services ensure that customers receive timely technical support and assistance in the use of steel, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reasonable price strategy: The Group reduces production costs by optimizing production processes and improving production efficiency, so as to be able to provide customers with high-quality steel products at more reasonable prices. This pricing strategy can attract more customers and increase market share.

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