High Quality Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Steel Coil

Zinc aluminum magnesium steel coil is a new kind of steel material. It is based on the traditional galvanized steel plate, by adding aluminum and magnesium elements to further improve its corrosion resistance and other properties. Today, automobiles, home appliances, construction and other fields are inseparable from this steel coil. If you want to know more, please contact IBC Group!

ZAM Steel Coils

Main Performance

1.High strength: It is composed of zinc, aluminum, magnesium three metal elements, with high strength. Compared with traditional galvanized sheet, the yield strength and tensile strength of this steel coil are higher. And with the increase of magnesium content, its strength can be significantly improved.

2. High corrosion resistance: zinc, aluminum, magnesium three metal elements have different potentials, can form a zinc-aluminum-magnesium alloy layer, so as to effectively prevent the erosion of air and water, so that the steel plate has a longer service life in harsh working environment. This corrosion resistance is much higher than that of pure zinc and aluminum-zinc alloys.

3. Good welding performance: the addition of magnesium can reduce the splash of welding seams during laser welding and improve welding performance.

4. Good stamping performance: zinc aluminum magnesium coating has a low coefficient of friction and stable friction characteristics, which is very beneficial to stamping, and can reduce the amount of coating wear, thereby reducing the drawing defects of parts.

Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Steel Coil

Other Advantages of Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Steel Coil

1. Lightweight: under the same pressure conditions, zinc aluminum magnesium material lighter weight, higher anti-corrosion performance.

2. Economy: Low design and customization cost, built-in coating, reduce subsequent costs, reduce finished product transportation costs.

3. Short production cycle: easy processing makes it save a lot of processing and production time.

4. Environmental protection: The use of high density continuous plating process, reduce the hot dip galvanizing process caused by air and wastewater pollution, in line with the European Union RoHS standards, is currently internationally recognized environmental products.

5. Aesthetics: uniform surface coating, strong adhesion, smooth, neat and beautiful.

ZAM coils


1. Construction field: Zinc aluminum magnesium steel coil has excellent corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time in harsh climatic environments. Therefore, it can manufacture roofs, walls, eaves, chimneys, storm pipes, etc., for the construction industry.

2. Automobile manufacturing: It has good mechanical properties, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good shock resistance and plasticity, especially suitable for automotive parts manufacturing. Now, more and more automobile companies choose to use this coil to produce body components to improve the durability and safety of automobiles.

3. Home appliance manufacturing: Because it has good corrosion resistance, high strength, lightweight and other characteristics, it has gradually become one of the important materials in the home appliance industry. The appliance industry has more applications for washing machine shell, refrigerator shell, water heater shell, oven shell, etc.

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