High Tensile Steel Plate: Be Worthy of the Name

The carbon structure of high tensile steel plate has good tensile strength, toughness and plasticity. And it is widely used in structural components involving welding processes. Next, taking ST52-3 steel as an example, IBC Group will introduce you to the characteristics and process flow of this type of steel.

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Materials and Applications

ST52-3 steel plate is a kind of low alloy high strength structural steel material. Its chemical composition includes carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and other elements. And its strength and toughness are relatively high, so the manufacture of Bridges, ships and other large-scale engineering construction have its participation.

Applications: civil construction, underground engineering, bridge engineering, ocean engineering, automobile and machinery manufacturing and other fields.

application of high tensile steel plate

Process Flow 

1. Raw material control: The selection of high-quality billets as raw materials, inspection and screening to ensure that the quality of raw materials meet the standards.

2. Heating: Put the billet into the heating furnace for preheating, so that it reaches a certain temperature, in order to facilitate the subsequent rolling deformation.

3. Rolling: Using the hot rolling process, the heated billet is continuously rolled through the rolling mill, and the size and shape are adjusted several times until the thickness and width of the steel plate meet the requirements of the product.

4. Cooling: After hot rolling, the steel plate obtains good mechanical properties by rapid cooling.

5. Binding, cutting, marking: according to the requirements of the production order, binding, cutting into the set length, and processing marking and other processes.

6. Quality control: The steel plate made of appearance inspection, size measurement, chemical composition testing and mechanical performance test and other quality control.

7. Packaging and transportation: According to the contract requirements, workers will mark the packaging box qualified St52-3 steel plate, and then transport to the customer’s designated location.

high tensile steel plate

How to Buy High Tensile Steel Plate

IBC Group has more than 10 years of experience in foreign trade of steel products. We can customize products and services for customers in a short time. In addition, all of the company’s products have passed ISO9001/ISO14001 certification, and can be inspected by third parties when necessary.

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