Weather Resistance Coating Seamless Pipe

Weather resistance coating seamless pipe is widely used in overhead pipelines with a service life of more than 20 years. Its main characteristics are high dimensional accuracy, good internal and external surface quality, high strength, low temperature toughness, uniform and stable performance of the whole tube.

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Common coating

Epoxy Anti-Corrosion Coating Seamless Pipe: The coating has strong adhesion, acid and alkali resistance and low shrinkage. However, if the curing treatment is not good, it will also appear white, brittle and other bad conditions.

Asphalt Anti-Corrosion Coating: The material is readily available and inexpensive, dries quickly and has good elasticity. Because asphalt is not easy to oxidize, it helps to improve the hardness and cold resistance of the paint film.

Urushiol Anti-Corrosion Coating: This coating is less toxic and dries faster than raw paint. This type of pipe is ammonia, ammonia water, chlorine gas anticorrosive paint and underground pipeline moisture-proof paint.

Acrylic or Polyurethane Anti-Corrosion Coating: To enhance certain properties, they can be mixed with epoxy resins and bitumen. It is very suitable for the protection of the inner wall of the power station pressure water pipeline.

Olefin Resin Anti-Corrosion Coating: It has good resistance to water, acid, alkali and weather.

Perchloroethylene Resin Anti-Corrosion Coating: Advantages: prevent atmospheric corrosion of chemical pipelines; Disadvantages: Poor adhesion with pipes.

weather resistance coating seamless pipe

Application of weather resistance coating seamless pipe

1. Urban water supply system: As the main pipeline material of urban water supply system, it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and durability, which can ensure the quality and stability of water supply.

2. Petrochemical industry: Used in the petrochemical industry for transporting crude oil, natural gas and other important media, can withstand high temperature, high pressure and other harsh conditions, to ensure the safety of transportation.

3. Natural gas transmission: It is the ideal choice for natural gas transmission, and it has good anti-corrosion performance and pressure resistance, which can ensure the safe operation of natural gas pipelines.

4. Oil drilling: In oil drilling, the pipeline is underground, which can resist the corrosion and pressure of the underground environment to ensure the smooth progress of oil drilling.

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Why IBC Metal Group

IBC Group has a wealth of experience in product production and foreign trade of steel, the current launch of weather resistance coating seamless pipe is favored by customers. We provide different specifications, different sizes of this kind of steel pipe, can meet the diverse needs of customers. Take after-sales service as an example, which is very considerate:

Quality Guarantee after Receiving the Goods: Offer money return or Ship new products  for free if any problems happen.

Technical Guidance for further Processing.

VIP Service and Free Order after Accumulated Order Quantity.

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