Quick View: Cold Work Tool Steel Selection Principles

Cold work tool steel is divided into carbon tool steel, air quenched cold working die steel, matrix steel, low carbon high speed steel and so on. They have anti-deformation, anti-wear, anti-fracture, anti-fatigue, anti-softening and other performance requirements.

Processing Property

1.Machinability: Spheroidizing annealing improves machinability of cold working die materials. Workers should choose free cutting materials containing elements such as S and Ca.

2.Malleability: Forging can improve the internal organization of the material, improve its strength and toughness.

3.Hardenability and hardenability: Good hardenability and hardenability can ensure that the cold work mold obtains a deeper hardened layer in a milder cooling medium.

4.Small quenching deformation: It is insensitive to factors such as quenching temperature and the sharp Angle of the die. And the cracking tendency of quenching is relatively small.

cold work tool steel

Selection Principles of Cold Work Tool Steel

(1) Heavy-duty molds that bear large loads should be made of high-strength materials; For molds that withstand strong friction and wear, materials with high hardness and good wear resistance should be selected; For molds with large impact loads, materials with high toughness should be selected.

(2)We can use micro-deformed materials to manufacture molds with complex shapes and high dimensional accuracy requirements.

(3) We can use high alloy materials with good hardenability and small deformation to make molds with complex structure and large size; Or made into a Mosaic structure.

(4) For small batch production or trial production of new products, general materials such as carbon steel can be selected; When the production batch is large or the degree of automation is high, it is appropriate to choose high-alloy steel or steel-bonded cemented carbide and other materials.

selection principles of cold work tool steel

Conventional Materials

1.Carbon tool steel: Cheap. Easy to forge forming. Good cutting performance. Poor hardenability. Large deformation and cracking tendency. Low wear resistance.

2.Oil quenching cold work tool steel: Adding appropriate amount of Cr, Mo, W, V and other elements on the basis of carbon tool steel has high hardness, medium hardenability and stable mechanical properties.

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