Characteristics and Uses of Hot Rolled Steel

The steel used for fasteners can be divided into hot rolled steel and cold-rolled steel according to its processing process. The main feature of hot rolling is that it can greatly reduce the energy consumption of metal deformation, reduce the cost, and the metal plasticity is high during hot rolling, the deformation resistance is low, the work hardening is not obvious, and it is easy to roll.

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Manufacturing Technique

Hot rolling is commonly used in large ingot, large reduction rolling, the production rhythm is fast, the output is also large, can be large-scale production;

Hot rolling can also transform the cast structure into the processing structure, thus greatly improving the plasticity of the material;

The rolling method of hot rolling also determines the anisotropy of the rolled sheet, such as the longitudinal, transverse and high direction of the material has obvious performance differences, the material has deformation structure and recrystallization structure, and has obvious directivity in the punching performance.

hot rolled steel

Characteristics of Hot Rolled Steel

1.It has good plasticity and ductility, and can carry out various forming processes.

2.Flat surface, good gloss and surface quality.

3.The strength of hot-rolled steel is lower than that of cold-rolled steel, but it has better toughness and reliability.

4.Good corrosion resistance, not easily affected by oxidation and corrosion.

5.High cost performance, relatively low production cost.

characteristics of hot rolled steel


1. Construction field: building structure, beams and columns, Bridges, steel joists, roof truss, solar support, wind power tower, wire tower, etc.

2. Mechanical manufacturing: machine tool bed, gear, brake system, etc.

3. Automobile manufacturing: body structure, wheels, guide rails, etc.

4. Ship construction: This steel has good corrosion resistance. Can be used in shipbuilding plates, ship pipelines and so on.

5. Energy facilities construction: oil, natural gas, hydropower and other projects.

Conclusion: Hot rolled steel has a wide range of applications and plays a very important role in various fields. If you have this kind of steel products need, please contact IBC Group! The company’s steel foreign trade experience is very rich, can provide customers with more perfect service!

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