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What is a Flang? Flangs are parts connected to each other between shafts. The connection refers to a detachable connection that is connected by flanges, gaskets and bolts as a group of combined sealing structures. Whether it is water conservancy, power field, or industry, pressure vessel field, it plays a vital role.

Flang Connection Mode

Flange connection is to fix two pipes, pipe fittings or equipment on a flange first. Add flange pads between the two flanges, and then fasten them together with bolts to complete the connection. Such connections are common in pipeline construction, especially industrial pipelines.

Classification of Flange

Welding Process

1. Required equipment: one set of manual electric welding equipment, one handle Angle grinder, one electric air hammer, one plane ruler.

2. Welding process: Assemble the vertebra and the large flange according to the requirements of the drawing, and then divide the large flange into 8 equal parts on average. Because the flange is thick and the groove is large, it adopts segmented symmetrical and multi-layer welding.

3. Weld quality: The strength of the weld must reach at least the strength of the base material. The weld surface is smooth and smooth, without burn-out, porosity, welding leakage, slag inclusion, edge bite, incomplete welding and other defects. The residual height is less than 2mm.

4. Note: After each welding position, use a level to check the deformation of the flange plane.

Classification of Flange

What is a Flang?

In summary, this type of pipe fitting has good comprehensive performance. At present, chemical industry, construction, water supply and drainage, light and heavy industry, petroleum, water heating and other fields, can see its figure.

However, due to the inevitable temperature, pressure, vibration and other factors in the production of modern industry, there will be leakage problems in flange connections. At present, polymer composite materials can be used for on-site plugging, and its construction process is simple and safe, which can save more maintenance costs for enterprises. If you want to buy this kind of pipe fitting, contact IBC Group!

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