Hollow Section Steel | Performance and Application

Hollow section steel is made of hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip steel or coil plate as the base material, which is formed by cold-bending processing and then made by high-frequency welding. In addition to meeting the load bearing requirements, it also has a good section coefficient, resistance to distortion and resistance to multi-directional axial forces.

Compared with the hot-rolled section steel, under the same section area, its turning radius can be increased by 50 ~ 60%. And the section moment of inertia and resistance moment can also be increased several times.

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Performance of Hollow Section Steel

1. High strength: It has high tensile, compressive and bending strength, and can withstand large loads.

2. Light: compared with solid steel, it has a light weight, easy to transport and install.

3. Good plasticity: During the stress process, it can produce large plastic deformation, absorb energy, and improve the seismic performance of the structure.

4. Good weldability: it is easy to weld and connect, and easy to assemble and install on site.

5. Corrosion resistance: The surface treated steel has good corrosion resistance. So it can withstand the effects of harsh environments.

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Production Process

1. Cutting: Using cutting machine or flame cutting and other methods, according to the need to cut the hollow section steel into the required length.

2. Drilling: Use tools such as drill press or electric drill to drill holes in the steel for connection or fixing.

3. Welding: Use appropriate welding methods and welding materials to weld and connect it. During the welding process, pay attention to controlling the welding speed and temperature to avoid welding defects.

4. Correction: For bent or deformed steel, workers will use mechanical correction or flame correction methods to correct, to ensure that its dimensional accuracy and shape meet the requirements.

5. Surface treatment: Rust removal, painting and other surface treatment to improve its corrosion resistance and aesthetics.

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1. Bridge construction: Bridge is one of the important application areas of hollow section steel. In bridge construction, many industrial components need to have sufficient strength and bearing capacity, and the unique advantages of this steel make it an ideal choice. It can provide high strength and lightweight structural solutions to meet the requirements of strength and stability of Bridges.

2. Construction industry: It is also widely used in the construction industry. Due to its lightweight characteristics, it has become one of the main industrial materials used in the construction industry. For example, hollow steel structures can be used for both the columns and walls of a building to increase the strength and durability of the building. In addition, it can also be used to manufacture various types of building structures, such as frame structures, steel structures, etc.

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