What is FBE Coating Seamless Pipe

FBE coating seamless pipe has a wide range of applications in many fields, including but not limited to construction, machinery manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing and other fields. Especially in the need to withstand high pressure, high temperature, corrosion and other harsh environment, it is an ideal choice.

However, the specific use also needs to choose the appropriate pipeline type and take appropriate protective measures according to the specific application environment and conditions.

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Production Procedure

1. Pre-treatment: First, the seamless pipe is pre-treated, including cleaning, rust removal and oil removal, to ensure that the coating can be evenly attached to the pipe surface.

2. Coating application: Use specialized equipment, such as a thermal spray machine, to evenly spray FBE powder on the outer surface of the pipeline. During the spraying process, the powder melts and levels at high temperatures to form a strong, continuous coating.

3. Curing: After the coating is finished, it needs to be cured. This usually involves placing a seamless tube coated with FBE in a curing furnace and holding it at a certain temperature for a certain amount of time to allow the coating to cure completely.

4. Inspection: Quality inspection of the cured FBE coating seamless pipe, including appearance inspection, coating thickness measurement, adhesion testing, etc., to ensure that the coating quality meets the requirements.

5. Storage and transportation: After passing the inspection, the pipe shall be properly stored and transported to avoid damage to the coating during subsequent use.

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Performance of FBE Coating Seamless Pipe

1. Mechanical strength: It has high mechanical strength, and its base pipe is welded steel pipe or seamless steel pipe. Compared with other pipes, its safety is higher.

2. Antistatic and flame retardant properties: It has superior antistatic and flame retardant properties, and its coating has strong adhesion. The arithmetic value of the internal and external surface resistance is not greater than 1.0×106Ω, which makes it more secure in some specific environments.

3. Corrosion resistance: It has corrosion resistance and anti-aging characteristics. Its dense coating prevents metal oxidation, making it resistant to acid, alkali and salt corrosion. Therefore, the pipeline is particularly suitable for the harsh environmental conditions under the mine. It can also transport fluids containing corrosive chemicals.

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