How to Decide Coatings for PPGI Coil

IBC Steel Group manufacturer PPGI Coils for decades years. It’s very important to choose a suitable coatings for PPGI Coil.

Pre-painted steel is a versatile product, which is widely used in construction, home appliances, furniture, and other industries. Also, on the market there are many options in different base metals, paints, finishes, etc.

There are many PPGI coated coils with different coatings, colors, and coating thickness. You can choose according to your requirements, for example, the use environment, design life, etc. Choose the right coatings is very important for you.

Then let’s talk about how to decide coatings for PPGI coil. 6 steps tell you how do decide it.

Pre-Painted Galvanized Coils - PPGI

Firstly, Coating Types

When choosing a primer, you need to consider the adhesion of the primer; while for top coating, corrosion resistance and color retention will be more important. There are four commonly-used coatings, including Polyester (PE), Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP), High Durability Polyester (HDP), and Poly – Vinyli Dene Fluoride (PVDF).

PE coating is of good adhesion, which is widely used as a primer.

While HDP and PVDF will be more suitable as a top coating because of their excellent durability and color retention.

Secondly, Thickness of Coating

Our top coating is 11-35 μm and the back coating is 5-14 μm. Generally, the thick the coating, the better the corrosion resistance. You can choose according to your requirements. For example, a single layer of back coating is recommended for sandwich wall panels.

The coating thickness has intimate connection with the corrosion resistance of PPGI steel coil, and the corrosion resistance usually improve with the increase of coating thickness. The coating thickness should be confirmed by the environmental corrosiveness, service life and durability.

If you could not make sure all the questions, it is no problem. Please contact with us. We could help you to choose the right one for you. Or we could provide you our samples for you as well.

Thirdly, How to Decide Coatings for PPGI Coil ——Coating Colors

What color is the best? It mainly depends on the use environment, your preference, market demand. For example, beauty is the first concern for civil buildings. But the corrosion resistance is more important for industrial buildings. Besides, the light color paint has a stronger heat reflection ability.

Moreover, the color change of dark colors is more obvious than that of light color. More than that, you can also appoint the paint brands, such as AkzoNobel, Nippon, etc.

There will possible to occur color difference during the produce and use process of PPGI steel coil. The color difference is influenced by the production organization, color, use time, use environment and other factors.

Fourthly, Coating gloss

Gloss mainly choose based on the use and use habits. For example, the building-use PPGI steel coil always choose middle or low gloss, and household appliance PPGI steel coil always choose high gloss.

How to Decide Coatings for PPGI Coil

Fifthly, Coating hardness

Coating hardness means the capacity that the coating resistant to the scratch, friction, crash or other mechanical action, and has a intimate connection with the scratch resistance, wear resistance of PPGI steel coil. It mainly choose through use, processing method, storage conditions etc..

Moreover, Competitive PPGI Coil Price

PPGI steel coil price ranges from $700 to $1400 per ton, which is influenced by the thickness, coatings, etc. Compared to the famous brands, our price is more affordable. It is because that we will offer a direct selling price. But due to the increased operating cost, the prepainted galvanized steel coil price keeps rising. If you are looking for PPGI coils, you’d better make your decision soon. For bulk orders, IBC Steel Group will offer great discounts.

How to Decide Coatings for PPGI Coil – We Have Full-service system.

Our company has 9 departments, including the R&D department, purchasing department, production, sales, marketing, finance, quality control, delivery, and after-sale service center. We work in a team to serve you 24*7 hours a week.

Rely on its excellent performance, PPGI steel has been widely applied in building, household appliance, light industry and other area. Because of its different application areas and environment, the choice of appropriate PPGI steel coil should also pay special attention. With its specialized knowledge and exchange experience with customers, the business personnel in IBC Steel Group summarize four aspects for everyone.

How to Decide Coatings for PPGI Coil —— Information Required for Ordering Pre-painted Steel

IBC Steel Group could manufacture all kinds of PPGI steel Coils for you. And when you want to order the perfect coils suitable for you, you could provide more information to us. If you do not have ideas about this, you could make it according to the tables below.

  • What product do you need, steel sheet, coil, or steel strip;
  • Product specification and size;
  • Substrate type and zinc layer thickness;
  • Types and colors of top/back paint;
  • Surface finish requirements;
  • Painting structure and functions;
  • Weight (order quantity);
  • Use purposes;
  • Packing method;
  • Inner diameter size (coil);
  • Other requirements.

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