Why Choose Galvanized Steel Coil?

If we want to know Why Choose Galvanized Steel Coil, the first thing we need to know is what is a galvanized steel coil?

IBC Group Could supply all kinds of galvanized steel coils. It is available in big, regular, small, and zero spangles. Thickness from 0.12mm-2mm; Width from 600mm-2,000mm; Coil weight from 3 ~ 5 tons; And Zinc Layer Thickness from 30g to 275g per square meter.

why choose galvanized steel coil

What is a Galvanized Steel Coil?

Hot dipped galvanized steel sheet & coil is made of carbon steel coated in zinc utilizing the hot-dip process. The end result of this process is a layer of zinc on each side of the steel sheet or coil that is tightly adhered to the steel through the formation of an iron-zinc alloy bonding layer.

After knowing what is galvanized steel coil, then let’s see why choose galvanized steel coils. Also we could say what advantages of the galvanized steel coils? We talk about this from four aspects as following.

If you need galvanized steel coils, please do not feel hesitate to contact with IBC Group. We could supply all kinds of GI coils according to your requirements.

Why Choose Galvanized Steel Coil?

Compared to GL or color coated steel coils, the galvanized coil is the most cost-effective solution but with similar features, such as great corrosion resistance, good appearance, etc.

Firstly, It Is Cost-Effective Solution

  1. Cost: Comparing with other coatings, galvanizing price lower overall cost. In addition, galvanized steel coil can be applied at any time when delivered. It does not require additional preparation for the surface, inspections, painting or coatings.
  2. Life expectancy: With galvanization, the life expectancy of GI coil is far in excess of 50 years in working environments, and it can last over 20 years with severe water exposure.
  3. Durability and reliability: Galvanized steel often uses hot rolled or cold rolled steel coil as base metal. The strength of steel is high and the zinc coating is solid and enduring.

Secondly, Why Choose Galvanized Steel Coil —— Wide Applications

GI sheet roll is easy to process for different purposes. Galvanized coils widely used in construction, home appliances, automobile containers, transportation, etc. Besides, it has good coating adhesion and weldability. That’s why it is also an ideal base metal for PPGI products.

Galvanized steel coil is extensively used in different fields and applications. You can see it in metal roofing panels, microwave ovens, decorative panels of cars, telecommunication cables and so on.

Thanks to its weather-resistant coating, we use Galvanized steel coil often as roofing applications, . We use Galvanized steel coil outside because of its natural ability to avoid rust or corrosion. The coil itself is usually available in different dimensions.

Thirdly, Corrosion and Rust Resistance.

The main advantage of galvanised steel coil is its anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties. The iron element in steel is a highly reactive chemical, prone to rusting. but the addition of zinc plays a role of protective buffer between the steel and moisture or oxygen. So the zinc coating acts as a barrier to resist external attacks, and will sacrifice itself to protect the underlying steel.

The iron elements in steel are incredibly prone to rusting, but the addition of zinc acts as a protective buffer between the steel and any moisture or oxygen. Galvanized steel is very protective, including sharp corners and recesses that couldn’t be protected with other coatings, making it resistant to damage.

Fourthly, Easy to Transport

Galvanized Steel Coils are easier to transport to compared to GI steel sheets, In this way, it is easy to loading on the truck and same for loading on ship. In other way to say it is saving your shipping cost.

Z275 Galvanized Steel Coil-4

From this four aspects, we could see that galvanized steel coils is very Cost-effective. The Wide Applications makes it popular in construction industry. And Corrosion and rust resistance is the biggest advantages. It is also with Life expectancy and Durability and reliability. And most important it is easy to transport. That’s why choose galvanized steel coils.

Applications of Galvanized Coil

Galvanized steel coil are mainly applies in some professions, such as constructions. For the constructions, it mainly used as roofs of some industrial, residential constructions to preventing from corrosion. For the light industry, it used to produce outer cover of electrical appliances, chimney, kitchen utensil and corrosion-proved parts of automobiles. And it is also used as storage and transport in farming, animal husbandry, fishery area.


IBC Metal Group is a manufacturing exterprise which specialized in producing and exporting all sizes, colors, and different coatings of steel coils. Like PPGI/PPGL coils, aluminized , corrugated roofings, Pressure vessel steel plate, Wear Resistant Steel Plate, Aotumotive Steel and Aluzinc/Galvalume steel coils. If you want to learn more about our products, welcome to consult!


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