PC Roofing Sheet‘s Production and Application

PC roofing sheet is also called polycarbonate board, polyester board, capron board. This polymer-based building material can replace traditional materials. Such as brick, cement, concrete, metal, wood and glass. The main advantages of the material are light weight, the ability to form complex shapes, strong durability, good moisture resistance, and low cost.

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Production and Classification

There are two common PC roofing sheet on the market, one is the sunshine board and the other is the endurance board.

1.Sunshine board: Divided into double layer, four layer and honeycomb sunshine board, its main characteristics are as follows:

(1)Light weight: Compared with glass, the weight of the sun panel is much lighter, which can reduce labor and transportation costs.

(2)Good light transmission: it has excellent light transmission, which can reach more than 85%.

(3)Uv protection: It has an anti-UV coating that protects the sheet itself from UV damage.

(4)Strong weather resistance: not afraid of tide, not afraid of water, no mold, no bacteria.

(5)Good thermal insulation performance: It has good thermal insulation performance and can effectively block the transfer of heat.

(6)Wide application temperature: suitable for -40℃ to 120℃ between, mechanical properties have no significant change.

PC Roofing Sheet

2.The characteristics of endurance board are as follows:

(1)Strong impact resistance: The impact strength is 30 times that of the same thickness acrylic plate and 20 times that of tempered glass.

(2)Good light transmission: The transmittance of the endurance plate can reach up to 89%, which is comparable to glass.

(3)Strong sound insulation: it has better sound insulation effect than glass box acrylic plate of the same thickness.

(4)Strong construction ability: according to the actual needs of the site, bending into arches, semicircular and other patterns.

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Applications of PC Roofing Sheet

1. Replace glass

Using PC board instead of glass for top light building, the transmittance performance of PC board was analyzed. We can analyze the light transmission performance of PC board by using the high level double beam method and fog meter. The results show that the total transmittivity and turbidity of 10mm transparent PC plate are 68.8% and 45.5% respectively. The total transmittance of the gray rhomboid 10mm thick PC board is 1.2% and the turbidity is 100.0%. The light transmission performance of the transparent PC board is reduced in the order of plate type, diamond type and saw blade type.

2. Construction of PC board in daylighting roof

PC boards are assembled through convexe-concave interlocking joints during field installation, and these components are limited in size. Shen Xiaodong et al. took U-lock PC structural plate as an example to analyze the roof system design of U-lock PC structural plate building. The factory can use the method of mold forming to prepare PC hollow plate with convex plate surface of 17mm on both sides and connecting fasteners. When the plate is installed, the two pieces are opposite. And the plate seam is fixed on the roof purlin with the Angle code and then fixed with the connecting buckle. The locking mode can reduce the width deformation of the plate and change the stress situation. Due to the fixed sides of the PC board, the U-lock can improve the load and wind resistance of the board.

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