Plastic Mould Steel | An Overview

Plastic Mould steel refers to the steel used to make plastic molds. This kind of steel has good processing properties, mechanical properties, thermal stability and wear resistance to meet the various needs of plastic molds in the molding process.

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plastic mould steel

Operating Steps

Material selection: According to product requirements and mold design, select the appropriate mold steel type.

Pretreatment: annealing, cleaning and other pretreatment of the steel to ensure that the initial state of the steel meets the manufacturing requirements.

Roughing: The use of milling machines, lathes and other equipment to rough the steel to roughly form the shape of the mold.

Heat treatment: quenching, tempering and other heat treatment of die steel to improve its hardness and wear resistance.

Finishing: through grinding machine, electric discharge machining, etc., the mold is fine processed to meet the molding requirements.

Inspection and debugging: quality inspection and trial debugging of the manufactured mold to ensure that its performance meets the production needs.

Maintenance and maintenance: In the process of use, regular maintenance and maintenance of the mold to extend its service life.

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Operation Cautions

1. When choosing plastic mould steel, the appropriate steel should be selected according to the characteristics of plastic products, the complexity of the mold and the production needs, such as SKD61, H13, 420 and other commonly used steel.

2. The steel should be pre-treated before use, including checking whether the steel has defects, and carrying out the necessary repair or replacement, while taking hardening treatment such as carburizing quenching, nitriding treatment, etc., to improve its wear resistance and service life.

3. During operation, understand and comply with the safety labels and operating rules of the equipment to ensure safe operation. Do not place obstacles or flammable materials around the equipment, and keep the operation area clean and tidy.

4. Before starting the device, ensure that the device is in a safe state. Do not leave the device when it is running, and pay attention to the running status of the device at any time.

5. After ensuring the normal operation of the equipment, the product is placed into the equipment for processing, and the operation of the equipment is constantly checked during the processing to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.

6. After processing, shut down the equipment in time, and clean up the equipment and the surrounding working environment. When cleaning the equipment, the equipment should be turned off as a whole and unplugged to ensure the safety of the operator.

plastic mould steels

Main Property of Plastic Mould Steel

1. Wear resistance: It friction and wear with plastic materials during use, so the mold material needs to have good wear resistance to ensure the long-term use of the mold and the high quality of the plastic parts.

2. Corrosion resistance: It may come into contact with various chemicals, such as additives in plastic raw materials, solvents, etc., which may corrode mold materials. Therefore, this die steel needs to have good corrosion resistance. It can resist the erosion of chemical substances, and maintain the surface finish and accuracy of the die.

3. Thermal conductivity: the plastic mold needs to be heated and cooled during the injection molding process. So the mold material needs to have good thermal conductivity, which can quickly conduct heat and improve injection molding efficiency.

4. Cutting performance: The mold manufacturing process needs to be cut, so good cutting performance can improve production efficiency.

5. Dimensional stability: The plastic mold needs to withstand greater pressure and temperature changes during use. So the mold material needs to have good dimensional stability to maintain the geometry and dimensional accuracy of the mold.

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