Why Is Spring Steel So Strong?

Spring steel has high elastic limit, fatigue resistance, stress relaxation resistance, high yield strength and good damping and shock absorption properties. These characteristics make it excellent in the manufacture of elastic components such as springs and spring washers. That can withstand high frequencies of vibration and shock while maintaining long-term stability and reliability.

Spring Steel

Performance Feature

First of all, spring steel shows extremely high elasticity in the quenched and tempered state. It allows it to quickly recover after a certain load without permanent deformation. This excellent elasticity is mainly due to its high elastic limit and strength limit, as well as excellent yield ratio.

Secondly, it has excellent elastic-reduction performance, also known as anti-relaxation performance, which means that during long-term use. Its elastic performance can remain stable and is not easy to decline. In addition, it also has excellent fatigue performance and can maintain stable performance under the conditions of dynamic loads such as shock and vibration or long-term cyclic alternating stress.

In terms of physical and chemical properties, it shows good heat resistance, low temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. These characteristics enable this steel to maintain stable performance in a variety of harsh environments and meet a variety of complex work needs.

From the point of view of metallurgical quality and surface quality, it has high purity and uniformity, strict control of surface defects and decarbonization. This high-quality metallurgical and surface condition helps to guarantee its mechanical properties and service life.

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Applications of Spring Steel

1. Automobile and Motorcycle Manufacturing:

Suspension systems: Spring steel is used to make spring elements in suspension systems, such as shock absorbing springs. It can ensure the smoothness and comfort of the vehicle.

Chassis system: Chassis components such as spring sheets, support springs, etc., are also often made of spring steel to enhance the strength and stability of the chassis.

Seats and brake systems: This steel is also used in the support structure of the seat and in the springs of the brake system to meet their requirements for strength and durability.

2. Machinery manufacturing and equipment:

Elastic components: In mechanical equipment, it can manufacture various springs, such as thrust springs, tension springs and torsion springs, to meet the elastic needs of mechanical parts.

Fasteners: It can also manufacture fasteners, such as spring washers and spring pins. This can ensure the fastening and stability of mechanical parts.

3. Electronic products:

Contact spring: In electronic products, it is used to manufacture contact springs for contact switches to ensure the stable transmission of electrical signals.

Connector spring: The spring plate in the connector is also often used to ensure the reliability and stability of the connection.

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