What Is A Flange Used For?

What Is A Flange Used For? A flange, also known as a flange flange or flange, is a part used for connecting shafts to shafts or equipment to equipment. It can mainly connect the pipe end, and can also connect the import and export of the equipment, such as the reducer flange.

The flang connection or flange joint is a detachable connection of a group of sealing structures formed by connecting flanges, gaskets and bolts. The flanges are sealed with gaskets and are usually used in pairs. Depending on the pressure requirements of the pipe or equipment, the thickness of the flang and the bolts used will also vary. France has a wide range of applications in the chemical, petrochemical, fire and drainage industries.


Operating Steps

1. Preparation before installation:

Check the integrity of the flang and its accessories (such as bolts, gaskets) to ensure that there are no damage or defects.

Clean the connection surface, remove oil, impurities, etc., to ensure that the connection surface is smooth and clean.

2. Installation process:

Align the flang with the device or pipe to be connected, ensuring a tight fit of the connecting surface.

Install and tighten the bolts correctly according to the type and specification of the flang. Pay attention to the tightening sequence and strength of the bolts to avoid the situation of too tight or too loose.

When installing the gasket, ensure that the position of the gasket is correct and smooth. And it can avoid displacement or damage of the gasket.

3. Check and test:

After the installation is complete, check the appearance of the joint to ensure that there is no leakage or loosening.

Pressure test or tightness test as required to ensure joint performance and safety.

4. Maintenance and maintenance:

Regularly check whether the bolts and gaskets at the flang connection are in good condition. And workers can replace them in time if they are damaged or aged.

Clean and maintain the joint regularly to avoid problems such as dust accumulation and corrosion.

What Is A Flange Used For

What Is A Flange Used For

Petrochemical: In the petrochemical production process, the connection between pipes and equipment requires the use of a large number of flanges to ensure that fluids can be safely and efficiently transmitted.

Power industry: In power systems, flanges can connect various pipes and equipment.Such as cooling water systems, steam pipes, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: In the pharmaceutical process, flanges connect various pharmaceutical equipment and pipes to ensure the health and safety of drug production.

Construction industry: In the building water supply and drainage, fire protection and other systems, many projects will use flange connection pipes to achieve fluid transmission and control.

Shipbuilding: In the piping system of the ship, the flange plays the role of connection and sealing to ensure the safe operation of the ship. If you want to know more, contact IBC Metal Group!

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