Process Flow of Cold Drawn Steel Bar

Cold drawn steel bar is high carbon steel containing tungsten, manganese, chromium and molybdenum alloy additives. Its hardenability is very strong and can also provide sufficient wear resistance for short-term applications.

The application range of this steel is very wide, such as making molds, punches, chisels, pneumatic tools, crosshead forming molds and so on.

cold drawn steel bar

Process Flow of Cold Drawn Steel Bar

1.Selection of materials: First of all, according to the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the required products, select the appropriate material.

2.The selected material enters the system in batch form, and the computer controls the feed speed and feed length.

3.Treatment of blank: the selected material is mixed first, and then the secondary deoxidation of the long strip of blank material is carried out.

4.Cold rolling: the treated blank is subjected to multiple cold processing processes on the cold mill to gradually reduce its section diameter. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the internal organization of the material is uniform.

5.Stretching: The cold-processed steel billet is put into the drawing machine and gradually increase the strength for stretching. The gradual thinning of steel also increases the strength and hardness of the material.

6.Straightening: The stretched steel may have some twists and turns, so it should be straightened to restore its straight state.

7.Cutting: The steel after stretching and straightening is cut into sections according to the required size to obtain the finished product size.

8.Surface treatment: In addition to oxidation, cleaning and other treatment steps, to achieve the specified surface effect, before packaging, storage, transportation, etc.

process flow of cold drawn steel bar

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