What is Cold Drawn Steel Bar?

What is Cold Drawn Steel Bar? It is understood that cold drawn round steel is a kind of high precision round steel, which can be directly used to make shafts without the need for reprocessing.

Whether it is machinery manufacturing, light industry, or hardware industry, textile industry, this type of round steel has a vital role.

cold drawn steel bar

What is Cold Drawn Steel Bar?

The cold working method can make the steel produce a certain plastic deformation, and its yield point is significantly increased. That is, its strength and hardness are significantly improved, but its plasticity and toughness are reduced.

This phenomenon is known as cold hardening of steel. The cold drawn round steel has smooth surface, high dimensional precision and strong mechanical properties. Compared with hot-rolled round steel, this metal material is significantly more wear-resistant.

The Difference with Ordinary Round Steel

1.The heat treatment state of our common round steel supply is normalizing. And they are ordinary grade in terms of dimensional accuracy and material.

2.The 20 diameter cold drawn round steel can be used directly to make the shaft.

3.Cold-drawn steel allows local buckling of the section, so that the bearing capacity after buckling can be fully utilized. But hot rolled section steel does not allow local buckling.

4.The reasons for the residual stress of the two kinds of steel are different, so the distribution on the section is also very different.

5.The free torsional rigidity of hot rolled round steel is higher, so the torsional resistance is better.

what is cold drawn steel bar

How to Buy Cold Drawn Steel Bar?

IBC Group has very rich experience in the supply of metal materials. At present, the company provides a variety of cold drawn round steel models, including DIN1.2436, DIN1.2080, S7, DIN1.2842, D7, DIN1.2363, etc.

In addition, the products and services provided by the Group are also very perfect. We will tailor the steel trade plan for customers, and now we have reached a friendly and win-win relationship with customers in many countries around the world.

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