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Q345B straight seam welded pipe is a kind of steel pipe. Where “Q” represents the yield strength of this material. The “345” indicates that the yield value of this material is about 345MPa. The yield value of this steel decreases with the increase of its thickness. Its production process is relatively simple, the production efficiency is high, and the cost is low, so it develops rapidly in the market.

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Technological Process

1. Material preparation: Ensure that the Q345B steel plate used meets the quality standards and has the corresponding quality certification documents. Check the surface of the steel plate to ensure that it is free of oil, rust and other impurities.

2. Cutting and beveling: Use suitable cutting equipment (such as flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, etc.) to cut the steel plate into the required length of the pipe segment. The inclined pipe can facilitate the subsequent welding operation of the worker. Groove form shall comply with relevant standards or design requirements.

3. Group alignment and positioning welding: Group alignment of the cut pipe segment to ensure that the straightness and roundness of the pipe segment meet the requirements. Use position welding to secure the tube segments together for subsequent welding operations. Positioning welding should be evenly distributed and ensure weld quality.

4. Welding: The factory should select the appropriate welding method and welding material to properly control the parameters of the welding process (such as current, voltage, welding speed, etc.). Weld the pipe section according to the welding process requirements. During the welding process, workers should pay attention to the quality of the weld to avoid defects such as non-fusion, porosity and cracks.

5. Inspection and non-destructive testing: Check the appearance of the welded Q345B straight seam welded pipe to ensure that the weld surface is smooth and without defects. Carry out non-destructive testing (such as X-ray inspection, ultrasonic inspection, etc.) to ensure that the internal quality of the weld meets the requirements of the standard.

6. Post-treatment: Necessary post-treatment of the tested Q345B straight seam welded pipe, such as removing the weld residual height and polishing the surface. Anti-corrosion treatment of steel pipes (such as painting, galvanized, etc.) to improve its service life.

Q345B straight seam welded pipe

Operation Cautions

1. In the operation process, the factory shall strictly abide by the safety operation procedures to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

2. Operators should have the appropriate professional knowledge and skills to ensure that the operation process is standardized and accurate.

3. Key parameters and quality in the welding process require strict control by workers. Workers shall ensure that the product quality of Q345B straight seam welded pipe meets the requirements of the standard.

4. In the non-destructive testing, the factory should choose the appropriate testing methods and equipment to ensure that the test results are accurate and reliable.

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Applications of Q345B Straight Seam Welded Pipe

1. Oil and gas transmission: It has been widely used in oil and gas transmission systems. Due to its high strength and good corrosion resistance, this steel pipe ensures the safe transportation of oil and gas.

2. Construction industry: In the field of construction, this pipe can manufacture building skeleton and support structure. Its excellent mechanical properties and weldability make it ideal for the construction industry.

3. Aerospace: In the aerospace sector, it can manufacture aircraft structures and navigation systems. Its high strength and good formability make it an ideal material for this field.

In addition, it is also widely used in Bridges, machinery manufacturing, transportation pipelines and other fields. In general, Q345B straight seam welded pipe is a kind of multi-purpose structural steel pipe material, with good comprehensive properties and a wide range of applications. It is one of the commonly used materials in engineering construction and manufacturing industries.

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