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Superior Performance

High compressive strength

Because the SSAW pipe is manufactured using spiral weld submerged arc welding technology, its structure allows the steel pipe to withstand higher pressures.

High impact strength

Compared with the straight welded pipe, this steel pipe has excellent resistance to shock and vibration.

High safety performance

Strict production process and quality control ensure the safety and reliability of the steel pipe.

Long service life

Its excellent material and welding technology enable it to maintain stable performance in long-term use.


Wide Range of Applications

1. Oil and gas industry

Oil fields: SSAW pipes are used as oil extraction and transportation pipelines for underground oil extraction and transportation.

Natural gas extraction and transmission: In natural gas fields and transmission networks, it can collect, process and deliver natural gas to end users.

2. Chemical industry

Chemical transmission: The steel pipe can transport a variety of chemical media, including acid, alkali, solvent, etc., suitable for a variety of chemical processes.

Sewage treatment: In the process of chemical wastewater treatment, it is the sewage collection and treatment pipeline. It can withstand corrosion by chemicals.

3. Power and heat industry

Steam and hot water transport: In power plants, thermal stations and heating systems, it can transport high temperature and high pressure steam and hot water.

Cooling water circulation: In nuclear power plants, thermal power plants and other large power facilities, it is also used as a cooling water circulation system pipeline.

4. Water supply and drainage works

Urban water supply: As the main component of the urban water supply system, it can transport water from the source to thousands of households.

Urban drainage: In the drainage system, it acts as a collection and transportation pipeline for sewage and rainwater to ensure smooth urban drainage.

Irrigation systems: In agricultural irrigation systems, this steel pipe is also widely used to transport irrigation water.

SSAW Pipe Manufacturer - IBC

Buy SSAW Pipe through IBC Group

Quality Assurance: IBC Group may offer SSAW pipe that meet or exceed international standards, with superior quality and reliability.

Variety of options: A variety of specifications, materials and grades of steel pipe may be available to meet the needs of different projects.

Good service: to provide a full range of services from consulting, selection, procurement to logistics, so that customers more convenient purchase process.

Cost control: Provide competitive prices by optimizing supply chain and production processes.

Brand reputation: As a well-known brand in the industry, it has a good market reputation and customer trust.

Technical strength: With advanced production technology, equipment and management system, to ensure product quality and delivery time.

Extensive sales network: covering many regions at home and abroad, able to quickly respond to customer needs.

Perfect after-sales service: Provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales service to ensure that customers have no worries during use.

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