High Voltage Wire & Cable

Performance Feature

Strong transmission capacity: high voltage wire can transmit a large amount of electricity to meet large-scale electricity demand.

Low energy consumption: It has less loss in the transmission process, making energy use more efficient and reducing energy waste.

Spanning long: This kind of wire can transmit electricity across a long distance, break through the limitations and obstacles of the terrain. And it can improve the stability and reliability of power transmission.

Good corrosion resistance: Its material needs to have good corrosion resistance to cope with various environmental erosion and oxidation. It can ensure the reliability and service life of the wire.

Good conduction performance: It needs to have good conduction performance to avoid the loss and waste of electric energy.

High Voltage Wire

Operation Process

Fully understand the operation manual: Before the operation of the wire, you should carefully read and understand the operation manual, grasp the technical specifications, precautions and emergency measures.

Personal protection: During operation, you must wear protective equipment that meets safety requirements, such as insulation gloves, insulation boots and insulation tools, to ensure personal safety.

Determine the operation site: You need to confirm the safety condition of the operation site to ensure that no personnel and equipment are in dangerous areas. At the same time, check the electrical insulation performance of the ground to prevent leakage and other problems.

Power off operation: Before any operation, you must first cut off the power supply connected to it, and take appropriate measures such as pulling off the switch, cutting off the power supply, etc., to ensure work safety.

Establish grounding: After power failure, it is necessary to establish a special grounding facility to ensure that the charge on the wire can be safely released through the grounding facility to avoid the danger of electric shock.

Operate high voltage wire: Use insulated tools according to the instructions in the operating manual. Keep tools well insulated during operation to prevent current leakage.

High Voltage Wire & Cable

Applications of High Voltage Wire

Automotive industry:

High voltage wire plays a vital role in the automotive industry. It is mainly used to transmit power signals and control signals, such as ignition harnesses, power supply harnesses, sensor harnesses and control harnesses. They ensure connectivity and communication between the various sensors, motors and control units inside the car.

It not only ensures stable power transmission, but also improves the working efficiency of the electrical system, making the car safer, more reliable and more efficient.

Aerospace Industry:

In the aerospace field, this wire is also widely used. For example, engine wiring harnesses, instrument wiring harnesses and flight control wiring harnesses are integral parts of aerospace equipment.

These wires not only need to withstand the requirements of high voltage and high current, but also need to withstand the test of extreme environments such as high temperature, low temperature, high altitude, so the quality and reliability of the wire harness is very high.

Power industry:

Its application in the power industry occupies a very important position. They are widely used for power transmission and control wiring in cable modules, transformers, circuit breakers and other devices.

The power industry has very high requirements for the insulation performance, arc resistance and fire resistance of the wire, so high-quality high-voltage wire is very important in the power industry.

Industrial automation industry:

With the improvement of the level of industrial automation, the electrical system of industrial equipment and robots is becoming more and more complex, and the demand for this kind of wire is also increasing.

It undertakes important tasks such as signal transmission, power transmission and control signal transmission in industrial automation. This ensures the normal operation of industrial equipment and the high efficiency of industrial automated production.

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