Weather Resistant Steel 

Performance Introduction

Corrosion resistance: The main characteristic of weather resistant steel is its excellent corrosion resistance. It can form a dense rust layer in the natural environment, which can effectively isolate the erosion of external oxygen and water, thereby delaying further corrosion of steel.

Strength and toughness: It has excellent performance in strength and toughness, and can withstand large loads and shocks.

Visual expression: The rusted layers of this steel are rich in color and texture, giving architects and designers a unique visual expression.

Weather Resistant Steel

Operation Cautions of Weather Resistant Steel

Safe operation: When moving, loading and unloading and installing weathering steel components, safety belts and safety shoes must be used. And if necessary, protective equipment such as gloves, goggles and earplugs should be used.

Welding operation: When welding, a special electrode with similar weather tempering composition and matching strength and toughness should be used. It can ensure that the oxidation rate of the welding point is the same.

Water treatment: Weather resistant steel is not stainless steel. If there is water in its low recess, the corrosion rate will be faster. Therefore, attention must be paid to drainage during construction.

Anti-corrosion treatment: Although it has excellent corrosion resistance, in some harsh environments, additional anti-corrosion treatment is still needed, such as brushing anti-rust paint.

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Application Field of Weather Resistant Steel

Bridge engineering: Weather resistant steel can be used to manufacture the load-bearing structure and decorative panels of Bridges. And its corrosion resistance can effectively extend the service life of Bridges.

Construction engineering: It can be used for external walls, roofs, floors and other parts of buildings, as well as to make railings, doors and Windows and other components to add a unique style to the building.

Vehicle manufacturing: It can manufacture the shell and internal structure of vehicles such as cars, trains and ships. This can improve the corrosion resistance and service life of the vehicle.

Pipes and containers: It can manufacture a variety of pipes and containers, which can resist the corrosion of atmosphere and water, and ensure the long-term use of pipes and containers.

Agricultural facilities: It can manufacture agricultural facilities such as greenhouses and farms, resist environmental corrosion and aging, and improve the service life of facilities.

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