The Use And Product Advantage Of Automobile Steel Coil

Hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel products have played an important role in the automotive industry for decades. In order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of automotive engineering, the automotive steel coil products developed by IBC Group have been able to have higher cost performance in many aspects such as cost and life. If customers have needs, the company can also carry out efficient correction and rework of steel.

Current Usage of Automotive Steel Coils

The production of various automotive parts, including body parts, chassis parts and even exhaust pipes, is now inseparable from steel coils.

In the specific production process, the manufacturer will unfold and cut the steel into a certain size, and then dedicated to mechanical stamping, so that more efficient production of doors, hoods and other parts.

 It can also be pressed and welded to form engine parts, or welded and bent to make exhaust system pipes.

automotive steel coil

Automotive Steel Coil Development Trend

With the rapid progress of production technology, new aluminum and magnesium alloys have gradually entered the vision of manufacturers in the automotive industry.

Moreover, more automotive companies are beginning to favor the environmentally friendly properties of recyclable plastics and composites.

steel coils

Why IBC Group?

1.the company mainly uses cold-rolled coils and is able to provide customers with products of various steel specifications.

2.Here to provide higher quality product production services, with a visual production process and transportation process.

3.Technicians will provide special steels tailored to the automotive industry, which can be used in a wider variety of fields.

4.IBC Group has established extensive cooperative relations with more than 200 steel mills and various third-party organizations, which is trustworthy.

5.The company provides free samples to meet the different needs of different customers.

So what are you hesitating about? As soon as possible to call the consultation phone below, or leave your contact information, and start a friendly cooperation with IBC Group!

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