What is Schedule 80 Seamless Pipe?

What is Schedule 80 seamless pipe? At present, 80 Seamless steel Pipes are often used in high-pressure applications, such as industrial processes, hydraulic systems, and underground pipelines, which can withstand higher pressures and greater stresses than other types of seamless steel pipes.

Pressure and Application

As we all know, the higher the specification number, the thicker the pipe wall, and the greater the fluid pressure it can withstand. Obviously, the 80-grade seamless steel pipe has become a safer and more durable choice with the thicker wall.

In addition, when selecting a pipeline specific to a certain field, factors such as fluid pressure, expected mechanical strain and chemical interaction should be considered. And it is essential to consult a qualified pipeline supplier or professional. Obviously, IBC Group has a more intimate and efficient service.

Schedule 80 seamless pipe

NPS and Outer, Inner Diameter

Schedule 80 seamless pipe has a thicker inner side wall, where the use of additional materials will increase the thickness of the inner side wall, which may lead to a slight reduction in fluid flow rate. But because of this, the pipe is more suitable for liquid applications, improving its durability and safety.

In order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the piping system, it is necessary to follow the correct installation sequence and comply with ASTM standards when connecting seamless steel pipes of different specifications. Proper cleaning and preparation of pipes and the use of appropriate fittings and connectors cannot be ignored.

seamless pipe

The Cost of Schedule 80 Seamless Pipe

In contrast to 40 seamless steel pipes, although the cost of 80 seamless steel pipes will be higher, the reason behind the price difference is the wall thickness.

The latter is made of more materials, and often colorants are added. So many customers will choose a more cost-effective pipe design after considering factors such as fluid pressure and durability.

What is Schedule 80 seamless pipe

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