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The tile press machine is mainly composed of feeding, forming, post-forming cutting and so on. It can be processed into metal tiles or roofing panels in the desired shape through a series of forming processes.

The color plate produced by it has a smooth and beautiful appearance, uniform paint pattern, high strength and durability. The construction of industrial and civil buildings is inseparable from it, such as factories, warehouses, stadiums, exhibition halls, theaters and other rooms and walls.

Tile Press Machine

Operating Steps

Turn on the power to ensure that the power supply is stable.

Preheat the equipment. The preheat time may vary depending on the type and specifications of the machine.

Prepare the tile material to be processed and place it on the work table.

Adjust the parameters, according to the tile material and size, set the appropriate processing parameters, including pressure, speed, etc.

Program setting and loading. The worker loads the tile pattern into the control system. And carry out the corresponding program setting.

Start automatic processing and monitor the process.

Tile Press Machine | IBC

Applications of Tile Press Machine

1. Construction industry

Tile presses machine play an important role in the construction industry. It is the production of roof and wall panels, factories, warehouses, stadiums, exhibition halls, theaters and other industrial and civil building construction essential materials. In the process of operation, it is necessary to select the appropriate mold according to different building needs, and adjust the height and width of the press roller to ensure that the production of the sheet that meets the requirements.

2. Light industry

Light industry is inseparable from it. It can manufacture all kinds of metal parts, pipes and rolls. Similarly, the automobile, electrical appliances, food and other industries also have its figure. In the operation process, workers need to adjust the parameters according to the specific needs of the product. This ensures that parts are produced to specifications.

Tile Press Machine | IBC Metal Group

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1. Advanced technology and R&D capability

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The group has implemented a strict quality management and control system to ensure the stability and reliability of products, and has won the trust and praise of customers.

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