What Is H-Beam Steel?

The section shape of H-beam steel resembles the capital Latin letter H, hence the name. Its cross section usually includes two parts of the web and the flange plate. It is also known as the waist and side.

The inside and outside of the flange are parallel or close to parallel. And the end of the flange is at a right Angle, so it is also called parallel flange I-steel. Because the various parts of this steel are arranged at right angles, it has the advantages of strong bending resistance, simple construction, cost saving and light structural weight.

H-beam Steel

Performance Profile

First of all, it has excellent mechanical properties. Each point on the section extends evenly, and the internal stress during rolling is small. So it has excellent bending strength and bearing capacity. Compared with ordinary I-steel, it is more excellent in bending strength and bearing capacity. And it can meet the strength needs of various complex engineering structures.

Secondly, this type of steel is light in weight and saves metal. It has a large section modulus, which means that under the same load capacity, the use of H-shaped steel can reduce the weight of the structure and the amount of material, thereby reducing the cost of the entire structure. This feature not only improves the stability of the building structure, but also helps to improve the economic efficiency of the project.

In addition, its assembly is simple and the construction efficiency is high. Because the inside and outside of the legs are parallel and the leg ends are at right angles, the welding and riveting workload can be saved during the assembly process and the construction efficiency can be improved. This structural feature makes it excellent in terms of rapid construction and assembly, suitable for a variety of emergency engineering projects.

H-beam steel also has high lateral stiffness. That allows it to better share the load when bearing it and improve structural stability. Therefore, it is widely used in Bridges, high-rise buildings and other projects that need to bear large loads. Its stable performance ensures that these structures can maintain good safety performance during long-term use.

H-beam Steel

Wide Application

Construction industry: It is a common material for large building structures, such as high-rise buildings, Bridges, tunnels, etc. In the field of construction, it is mainly used for beams, columns, frames, suspension supports and other parts of steel structure buildings, with strong bearing capacity, good stiffness, convenient construction and other advantages. In the operation, H-beam steel will be cut, welded, assembled and other processes according to the design drawings to build a stable building structure.

Automotive manufacturing: This type of steel is widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry as the main part of the body frame. Due to its high strength and lightweight characteristics, the car is more stable and safe. In the automobile manufacturing process, it needs to go through precise cutting, bending and welding processes to form the skeleton structure of the body.

Shipbuilding industry: It is also one of the important materials in the shipbuilding industry. It provides a strong support and protection role in ship design to ensure the safety and stability of the ship. In shipbuilding, its use involves complex cutting, welding and assembly processes to meet the needs of the ship’s structure.

Mechanical manufacturing field: In the field of mechanical manufacturing, it is mainly used in the base, support, beams and columns of various machines and equipment, with strong bearing capacity and good stiffness. In the mechanical manufacturing process, its precise processing and assembly is crucial to the stability and performance of the equipment.

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