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Core element of wear resistance

The wear resistance of wear resistant steel mainly comes from its special alloy wear-resistant layer. The wear layer is made of high-hardness alloy materials, such as chromium alloy. It is to add manganese, molybdenum, niobium, nickel and other alloy components on the surface of low carbon steel plate or low alloy steel plate. Then workers use a special process to compound the steel. The carbide in the wear layer of the alloy presents a fibrous distribution. And the direction of the fiber is perpendicular to the surface, which significantly improves the wear resistance.

Carbides play a key role in this. They not only have high hardness and can effectively resist wear during friction, but also have good oxidation resistance. And they can maintain stable performance at high temperatures. Its carbide content is usually high, its microhardness can reach more than HV1700, and its surface hardness can reach HRC58-62. It makes this product maintain stable performance for a long time when it is subjected to high intensity friction and wear.

Wear Resistant Steel

Operation And Application of Wear Resistant Steel

Cutting: Cutting is an important part of wear resistance applications. Because this steel plate has high hardness and wear resistance, it is necessary to use appropriate cutting tools and methods during the cutting process. The commonly used cutting methods are plasma cutting, carbon arc cutting and grinding wheel saw cutting. In the cutting process, it is necessary to pay attention to cutting from the alloy surface to avoid damage to the wear layer.

Bending and forming: It can be cold-worked forming, bending and forming operations as required. During the bending process, the alloy cracks may change due to the action of stress, but usually within an acceptable range. If the crack is too large, it can be repaired with the corresponding welding rod. Wear resistant steel plates can also be rolled into tubes or other shapes to meet different application needs.

Opening and connection: When workers need to open the connection, they can use plasma cutting, EDM machine tools and other methods to open it. Connection methods include welding, plug welding, bolt fixing, etc. The base material has good weldability. Workers can connect it with other steel structures through the corresponding welding process. During the connection process, workers should pay attention to maintaining the integrity and stability of the wear layer.

Surface processing: The surface is usually not machined. Because of its high surface hardness, it is difficult to carry out conventional processing operations. If the customer needs to perform surface processing, such as grinding, special processing methods and tools are required. Workers should take care to avoid damaging the wear layer.

Wear Resistant Steel | IBC


Advanced production process:

IBC Group adopts advanced production technology and equipment, such as automatic pipe bending equipment. It can improve the processing accuracy and production efficiency of products, reduce the defective rate and reduce production costs.

Optimize the production process, ensure the stability and efficiency of the production process, and provide customers with faster and more accurate delivery services.

Safety and Environmental Protection:

Emphasize the importance of safe operation, ensure that employees wear personal protective equipment in accordance with the regulations during operation. And follow the safe operation procedures to reduce the possibility of accidents.

The Group will pay attention to environmental protection requirements, rational use of energy, reduce energy consumption, and reasonable treatment of waste water, waste gas and waste. This can control the environmental pollution in the production process.

Customer Service:

Provide a full range of customer service, including pre-sales consultation, technical support, after-sales service, etc. It can ensure that customers in the use of products in the process of timely and professional help.

Establish a perfect customer information management system and after-sales service system, quickly respond to customer needs, solve customer problems, and improve customer satisfaction.

Logistics distribution:

Cooperate with a number of large logistics companies or combine with their own logistics distribution system to ensure that products can be quickly and accurately delivered to customers, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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