Weather Resistant Steel Plate

Weather resistant steel plate, also known as atmospheric corrosion resistant steel plate, is a kind of steel with special properties. Its main characteristics include corrosion resistance, aging resistance and high temperature resistance. These characteristics make it widely used in many fields.

A small amount of copper, phosphorus, chromium, nickel and other elements are added to the steel to form a dense protective film on the metal surface. So that it can resist atmospheric corrosion.

In addition, a small amount of molybdenum, niobium, vanadium, titanium, zirconium and other elements can be added. This can refine the grain and improve the mechanical properties of the steel. It can also improve the strength and toughness of steel and reduce the brittleness transition temperature. So that it has a better brittleness resistance. Its corrosion resistance is stronger than that of ordinary steel plates. And it can effectively extend the service life of buildings, transportation, energy and other facilities.

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How to make weather resistant steel plate

1. Ingredients: Choose the appropriate raw materials, mainly including chromium, nickel, molybdenum, copper, titanium and other elements. These elements will give the steel a weatherability.

2. Smelting: smelting the selected raw materials. In the smelting process, the scrap steel is added to the furnace with the charge and smelted according to the conventional process. After steel extraction, deoxidizer and alloy are added, the molten steel is treated by argon blowing and then cast.

3. Continuous casting: The workers will cast the molten steel into slabs with a continuous casting machine. In the process of continuous casting, the addition of rare earth elements can purify the molten steel and reduce the content of inclusions.

4. Extrusion molding: The use of large tonnage metal extruder hot extrusion billet into seamless splicing thick steel plate.

5. Cold rolling: Workers will use high-precision cold rolling machine to extrude seamless splicing thick steel plate cold rolling into high-precision composite steel plate.

6. Surface treatment: Workers will carry out surface treatment processes such as pickling, sand polishing, mechanical rust removal as needed. This can remove rust, grease, dust and other debris to ensure that the surface of the steel plate is clean.

7. Inspection: Quality inspection of the weather resistant steel plate made to ensure that its performance is up to standard.

weather resistant steel plate


1. Construction field: widely used in external walls, roofs, floors, ceilings and other parts, can improve the service life and safety of buildings.

2. Bridge field: It can manufacture main beams, bridge panels, guardrail and other parts, which can improve the carrying capacity and service life of Bridges.

3. Transportation field: It is used in railway, ship and automobile manufacturing, because it has good carrying capacity and durability, can meet the high strength and high wear resistance requirements of the field.

4. Agricultural facilities: It can manufacture agricultural facilities such as greenhouses and farms, resist environmental corrosion and aging, and improve the service life of facilities.

5. Pipes and containers: Manufacture all kinds of pipes and containers. In this way, it can resist the corrosion of atmosphere and water, and ensure the long-term use of pipes and containers.

6. Highway field: manufacturing guardrail, soundproof screen and other parts to improve its safety and service life.

7. Energy field: Wind power generation equipment and oil, natural gas and other energy equipment manufacturing fields are also inseparable from the figure of weatherproof steel.

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