WeldingBottle Steel Produced by IBC Group Has Higher Quality

Welding bottle steel is a kind of steel specially used for the manufacture of welded bottles, with a range of excellent properties.

1. Mechanical properties: It usually has a high yield point and tensile strength, which can meet the requirements of high-pressure vessels. For example, the yield point of HP295 welded bottle steel reaches 295MPa and the tensile strength reaches 440MPa.

2. Process performance: It needs to have good stamping performance and welding performance to adapt to the complex processing technology in the manufacturing process.

3. Impact performance: It has the highest impact performance in the same series of products, and can maintain good performance stability under harsh use environment.

Welding Bottle Steel

Production Process

1. Cutting: the steel plate is flame cut according to the required shape (such as round), and the edge is polished after cutting to make it smooth and burr free.

2. Pressing molding: Put the cut round plate into the pressing machine, and press the plate into a circular shell using a mold. Apply lubricating oil during the pressing process to increase lubrication and prevent the metal from tearing and damaging the surface.

3. Groove making: Press the edge of the semicircular shell into a concave shape and polish it until the metal luster is leaked out to prepare for the next welding operation.

4. Group pair welding: the two semi-circular shells are opposite and placed on the automatic submerged arc welding machine for welding operation.

5. Heat treatment: The welded gas cylinder needs to be heat treated, usually at the highest temperature of 920 ° C for 35s of heat treatment, in order to eliminate the residual internal stress of the bottle and improve the quality of the weld metal of the bottle.

IBC Group | Welding Bottle Steel

IBC Group Has Higher Quality Welding Bottle Steel

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