Cold Drawn Steel Bar Common Questions

Cold drawn steel bar is a kind of section steel. It is a kind of round steel with high precision. And it can be used directly to make shafts without the need for reprocessing. Its production process includes several steps such as raw material preparation, billet processing, cold drawing, heat treatment and surface treatment.

Cold work tool steel

What’s the Cold Drawn Steel Process?

First of all, the production of this steel requires the use of high-quality raw materials, usually high-quality carbon steel or alloy steel as raw materials. After the raw materials are checked in the warehouse, they enter the next step of processing.

Secondly, the heating furnace heats the raw material so that it reaches a certain temperature. The purpose of heating is to make the raw material have good ductility and plasticity, which is convenient for subsequent cold drawing processing.

Then, the heated billet is fed into the cold drawing machine for cold drawing processing. The cold drawing machine introduces the billet into the mold through traction, and then makes it pass through the aperture inside the mold through a strong pulling force, and finally gets the required circular cross section, while also improving the strength and density of the material.

Next, heat treatment can improve the structure and properties of the steel, increasing its hardness, strength and corrosion resistance. Common heat treatment methods include quenching, tempering, normalizing and annealing.

Finally, through pickling, phosphating, galvanized and other surface treatment methods, can improve the corrosion resistance, beauty and service life of steel.

cold drawn steel bar

What Sizes Does Cold Drawn Steel Bar Come in?

This kind of steel is characterized by smooth surface, high dimensional accuracy and high mechanical properties, so it can be used directly without processing. Common cold drawn round steel models include Q235, Q345, 20Cr and 45#.

Of course, no matter what type of cold-drawn steel has the following characteristics:

1. High strength: in the cold processing process, its grain refinement, thereby improving its strength and hardness, so that it has excellent mechanical properties.

2. Good toughness: After cold processing, its toughness is improved and it has good tensile resistance.

3. High surface quality: smooth surface, no cracks, burrs and other defects, high surface hardness, conducive to subsequent processing and use.

4. High dimensional accuracy: high dimensional accuracy can meet the processing needs of various precision requirements.

5. Good machinability: good processing performance, can carry out a variety of processing, such as cutting, cold bending, welding, cold processing, etc.

6. Good corrosion resistance: it is not easy to accumulate corrosive media, and has good corrosion resistance.

cold drawn steel

What is Cold Work Tool Steel Used For?

1. Construction field: It can manufacture the bearing bars, stirrups, waist bars, etc. in reinforced concrete structures, which can increase the bearing capacity and ductility of concrete members.

2. Mechanical field: Manufacture all kinds of mechanical parts and transmission shafts.

3. Automotive and Marine fields: manufacturing frames, hull structures, etc.

4. Bridge field: The manufacture of steel bars and prestressed tendons for Bridges.

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