What you must know about galvanized coil

Galvanized coil is a kind of steel product coated with zinc protective layer. It is mainly made of zinc plating on the surface of steel plate by galvanizing process. This process can not only enhance the corrosion resistance of the steel plate, but also improve its appearance and service life. It is widely used in construction, home appliances, automobile manufacturing and other fields.

Galvanized Coil

Advantages of Galvanized Coil

1. Strong corrosion resistance: it can effectively prevent steel plate from corroding in harsh environments such as damp, strong acid and strong alkali, thus extending the service life of steel.

2. Beautiful appearance: the surface is bright, smooth, and has good decorative performance. It can give better visual effects to the products.

3. Easy processing and installation: it has good plasticity and can be easily processed and formed, such as cutting, bending, punching, cutting, etc., to meet different design needs. In addition, its installation is also very convenient, can be used with other materials, improve the construction efficiency.

4. Good environmental performance: it does not produce harmful gases in the production process and has less pollution to the environment. At the same time, its recycling is also good, can be used twice, reduce the waste of resources.

Galvanized Coils

Precautions During Operation

1. Collision and friction should be avoided during storage and transportation, so as not to damage the zinc layer on the surface and affect the anti-corrosion performance.

2. When using galvanized coil for the production of building components, the appropriate section shape and size should be selected according to the design requirements, and processed and installed in strict accordance with the process requirements.

3. When connecting and fixing, appropriate connectors and fixings should be used to ensure that the connection is firm and reliable.

4. When performing surface treatment, appropriate treatment methods should be selected, such as electrostatic spraying, electroplating, etc., to improve its decorative and anti-corrosion capabilities.

Applications of Galvanized Coils

Applications in the field of construction

1. Long-span Bridges and high-rise buildings: This steel coil can replace the traditional reinforced concrete structure for the construction of long-span Bridges, high-rise buildings, factories and other buildings. Because of its good seismic performance and bearing capacity, it can improve the safety and stability of buildings. At the same time, it can also be made into various cross-section shapes and sizes of components to meet different architectural needs.

2. Building exterior walls and roofs: It can also be used in the manufacture of building exterior walls and roofs. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance and durability, it can effectively resist the erosion of the external environment and ensure the long-term use of buildings.

3. Building internal structure and decoration: Galvanized coil can also be used for building internal structure and decoration. For example, it can be used to make stairs, railings, doors and Windows and other components, but also as a base material for interior decoration materials.

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