What is Aluminized Steel

What is aluminized steel? IBC Group Manufacturer & Supply this product for decade years. We have rich experience to provide you with high quality products. We have other steel coils and sheet. Then this will tell the answer of the question.

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Firstly, Aluminized steel is carbon steel that has been coated with an aluminum-silicon alloy through a process called hot-dipping. The technique creates a tight metallurgical bond between the base metal (the carbon steel) and its alloy coating to give the new material a combination of steel and aluminum’s best characteristics. It provides heat retention and heat shielding advantages. And you will find aluminized material in heat shields and other protective environments.

Secondly, It’s used for everything from frying pans to edging on tables, kitchen fittings to trimming, blinds, and more. You name it. Aluminium is the product for these roles. It’s fair to say that aluminium is the default choice of metal for many types of manufacturers for those reasons.

While steel is technically stronger than aluminum, aluminum is often much lighter, so you have to take into consideration the weight to strength ratio. However, in focusing just on shear strength, steel has a high amount of carbon contributing to its general strength advantage.

Function of Aluminized Steel

Then, you know we use aluminized steel in commercial ovens, furnaces, and air conditioning applications. Meanwhile exhaust gas system manufacturers in automobiles and motorcycles prefer aluminized steel as well.

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IBC GROUP dedicated to transforming steel and construction materials all over the world. Meanwhile, because maintain long-term friendly business relationship with clients. We enjoy solid trust from our regular clients. We already working one-stop-station service in other construction related products. For example, we supply PC, PVC sheet and other product. We do in different equipment for steel processing and construction project. Enjoyed high comments from our customers.


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