What is an Angle Bar used for?

Angle bar can be composed of various stress components according to different structural requirements. And it can also be used as a connection between components. Because of its high cost performance, housing construction, Bridges, tunnels, power towers, ships, supports, steel structures and other fields are inseparable from it.

Angle bar

Operation Procedure of Angle Bar

1. Prepare tools and materials: Prepare proper materials, such as wrenches and screws, and corresponding fastening devices and tools as required.

2. Determine the installation position: Determine the installation position based on the design drawing and actual requirements. Then the worker will mark the corresponding reference line on the mounting surface.

3. Assembly: Assemble and fix the steel according to the design requirements.

Note: In the reinforcement operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the influence of material selection on the reinforcement effect. In addition, in order to prevent fire and corrosion, workers should coat the reinforced steel surface with a thickness of not less than 25mm high-strength cement mortar as a protective layer.

Workers can also use other finish materials with anti-corrosion and fire protection properties for protection. In the summer construction, or in the construction of complex structures, the factory should determine the use of structural injection adhesive life. If necessary, we can reduce the site construction temperature.

Angel steel

What is an Angle Bar used for

1. Construction field:

Frame structure: It can make high-voltage transmission towers, frames on both sides of steel structure bridge main beams, columns and arm rods of tower cranes on construction sites, columns and beams of workshops, etc. During operation, the installation position of the Angle steel should be determined according to the design drawings and actual requirements. And use the appropriate wrench, screw and other tools to assemble and fix the Angle bar.

Protective facilities: It can also make protective facilities such as guardrail and barricade in urban road traffic facilities. During the installation process, it is necessary to ensure that the position is accurate and fixed firmly to ensure its protective effect.

2. Mechanical field:

Machine parts: It can manufacture parts of various shapes and sizes for use in mechanical manufacturing processes. In the operation, it is necessary to select the appropriate processing equipment and process according to the shape and size requirements of the parts for cutting, bending, drilling and other processing.

Vehicle manufacturing: manufacture body frame, chassis support, tire support and other components. In the vehicle manufacturing process, workers need to perform precise cutting, welding and assembly of steel according to the design requirements of the vehicle.

3. Power field:

Transmission lines: It can make transmission towers to support high-voltage power lines. During the installation process, ensure that the position is accurate and fixed firmly to ensure the stability and safety of the transmission tower.

Power generation equipment: In power generation equipment, it can be used as a support structure or shell of the generator set. During the installation process, precise cutting, welding, and assembly must be performed according to the design requirements of the device.

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