What is Corrugated Roofing

Popular amongst both tradespeople and factory, corrugated roofing is a highly durable roofing solution, designed for use on small and larger projects.

The sheets are available in a wide variety of colours, profiles, thicknesses and sizes. In order to perfectly accommodate a number of applications including carports, garden buildings, sheds, commercial warehouses, agricultural buildings and more.

We manufctured Corrugated roofing sheets from a multitude of materials. Including PVC, galvanised steel, polycarbonate, fibre cement and bitumen, and pressed into a wave-like profile. Robust and durable, the sheets provide excellent weather and impact resistance for your roofing structure, effectively protecting it against adverse weather conditions all year round.

What is the Best Corrugated Roofing sheet?

Firstly, each roofing material boasts its own unique advantages and features that make it suited for different applications. A popular favourite of ours, however, is the corrugated bitumen sheets.

Secondly, Starting at just £5 square metre, corrugated bitumen sheets are cost-effective and practical. Whilst offering exceptional durability and weather resistance all year round. They are easy to install. So it is perfect for the DIY homeowner. Plus require very little maintenance over their impressive 15 year lifespan.

Due to their versatility, corrugated bitumen sheets can utilise in a wide range of projects. It includes carports, sheds, summerhouses, garages, stables and more. The range of colours and sizes give you the freedom to accommodate your style to your roof minus the hassle.

Are Corrugate Roofing Sheets DIY Friendly

Yes, a user-friendly design and large surface area. Ccorrugated roofing sheets are one of the easiest roofing materials to fit DIY. As you need only a few sheets in comparison to other materials. They are significantly faster to install plus require no specialist tools or techniques.

Their lightweight structure makes them easy to handle. And work with so are perfect for any avid looking to start their own project from home.

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