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IBC(Tianjin) Industries Co., Ltd is a professional PPGI Coil Supplier & Manufacturing company. Our main products include prepainted color steel coils. And hot dipped zinc steel plates, color coated steel plates, color coated purified steel plates, decorative color steel coils, galvanized steel coils. And zinc galvanized coils.

PPGI Supplier

Steel is one of the most important materials in the world for construction. Also known as pre-coated steel, coil coated steel, color coated steel coil, etc. Pre-painted galvanized steel coil (PPGI) with reasonable price even covered with a layer of zinc. The zinc coating provides the steel with a layer of anodic protection. Which able to prolong the product’s service life.

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Specification of PPGI Coil

  • Standard: JIS/EN/ASTM Standard
  • Grades: SGCC/ DX51D / S250GD/DX52D / DX53D / S280GD / S320GD / S350GD
  • Coating:
    • Primer: PU or Epoxy 5um;
    • Top Coat : 15-20 um;
    • Back Primer: PU or Epoxy;
    • Back Coat: PE or Epoxy 5-12um;
  • Spangle: Regular spangle / Minimized spangle / Zero spangle;
  • Sizes: Thickness: 0.15mm-1.2mm;Width: 900mm-1250mm
PPGI Coil Supplier
PPGI Coil Supplier-1

PPGI or PPGL (color-coated steel coil or prepainted steel coil) , a product made by applying one. Or several layers of organic coating on the surface of steel plate after chemical pretreatment. Such as degreasing and phosphating, and then baking and curing. Generally, hot-dip galvanized sheet or hot-dip aluminum Zinc plate and electro-galvanized plate used as substrates.

Why Choose PPGI Coil Supplier From China?

China is a famous international open country. There is little government intervention. The service industry is developed. Tourism resources are developed. Labor is exported to world-renowned markets, the market has development potential. And the population growth rate has a huge potential consumer market.

  • Firstly, sea transportation is convenient, and it is competitive in terms of trade transportation cost and time efficiency.
  • Secondly, sufficient labor resources: local labor and land supply are abundant.
  • Thirdly, the price is relatively low. The Philippines is one of the 10 member states of the ASEAN.
  • In addition, in recent years, China has been committed to promoting free trade with South American, Asian, and Africa.
  • Finally, continued economic policy reform. China reform policy continued to be promoted, control projects were gradually opened up, and the market economy system gradually became free.

Features of PPGI Steel Coil

  • Coatings can applyto both sides of the metal. Resulting in a prefinished metal offering a high-quality finish and consistency in color, thickness, texture, and performance.
  • High quality PPGI not only able to make manufacturing plants more environmentally-friendly. But also resolve issues such as oil and dirt residue.
  • Great versatility for the manufacturing industry. Any business involved in the production of prepainted galvalume steel coil as metal roofing, house appliances, wall panels, beverage cans. And automotive parts, office equipment, use pre-coated metals in their manufacturing process.

IBC (Tianjin) Industries Co.,Ltd produces PPGI steel coils ( prepainted galvanized steel coils & pre-coated galvalume steel coils). We have the most advanced color coating production equipment in China. With various colors, no color cast, no paint stripping, and good corrosion resistance. It is an ideal material for construction, home appliances, and industrial equipment.

Our Quality Advantages

  • The color of PPGI/PPGLis bright and clear, the surface is bright and clean, no damage and no burrs;
  • Each coating process is strictly in accordance with International standards. Or customer requirements to ensure product quality;
  • Each packaging process is strictly in accordance with International standards. Or customer requirements to ensure safe transportation of products.
PPGI Color coated Coil

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