3LPE Seamless Steel Pipe

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3LPE Seamless Steel Pipe

A 3LPE Seamless Steel Pipe can be supplied by IBC (Tianjin) Industrial Co., Ltd. Coating is a technique for protecting metallic pipes from contact with the outer or inner environment so that they do not need to be anticorrosive in themselves. As a result, highly anticorrosive metal alloy pipes are no longer required to be applied. DIN30670 PE Coated Steel Pipes are 3LPE coated pipes, which have three layers of coating.

What is a 3LPE Coating Seamless Pipe?

3PE was also known as 3LPE. It is a 3-Layer Polyethylene, multi-layer coating that is as commercially recognized by its shortened name – 3LPE. As the name suggests, this coating constitutes of three functional components. One type of coating method used in carbon steel pipe is 3PE coated seamless pipe. It may coat pipes in 3PE coating, whether they are seamless steel pipes or welded steel pipes, stainless steel pipes or alloy steel pipes, nickel alloy pipes, or CRA clad or lined pipes.

The Three Coating Layers in 3-LPE Coated Pipe as Below.

Layer 1: A high performance FBE primer or Fusion Bonded Epoxy primer. Usually the corrosion protective layer. This layer is of combination bonded epoxy which offers exceptionally good corrosion protection. The fusion reinforced epoxy contains a very great holding with the blasted steel surface.

Layer 2: This layer is the copolymer adhesive. The copolymer adhesive could be a maleic anhydride united polyethylene compound. This material has great chemical holding to the fusion reinforced epoxy and the beat layer polyethylene.

Layer 3: This layer is for physical protection and comprises polyethylene. Since the copolymer adhesive and polyethylene are comparable, they bond well with each other. This final outermost layer of the finish is what provides the 3LPE Coated EFW Pipe with a tougher and more durable form of protection. 

The most widely used anticorrosion coating is 3PE, along with 2PE, 2PP, and 3PP. Although 3LPE and 2PP made in the same way, the raw materials differ. Manufacturing 3LPE is straightforward. In addition to its corrosion resistance, it also has excellent anticorrosion properties.

The Thickness of 3LPE?

The first layer of 3LPE coating: Fusion bonded epoxy, which thickness is larger than 100μm. (Thickness of FBE coated>100μm); The second layer of 3LPE coating: Adhesive layer. It is binding epoxy and LPE layers. ( Thickness of the second layer: 170~250μm); The third layer of 3LPE coating: LPE layers. Thickness is from 2.5 mm to 3.7 mm. It is polyethylene which has advantages to anti-water, electrical resistance, and anti mechanical damage. It is a very important layer.

3LPE Coated Seamless Steel Pipes Specification

Standards and SpecificationsDIN 30670; CSA Z245.21; ISO 21809-1
Pipe TypeSeamless Steel Pipes
Coating type3 Layer polyethylene
Size range25 mm to 3000 mm
Lengths limit5.6M, 5.8M, 6M, 11.6M, 12M, AT SRL, DRL up to 12m 
Wall ThicknessSCH5S to SCH160, XXS
Connectionsweld and thread
Life of 3LPE Coated Pipes75 years+
Temperature limits-40°C to 80°C
Coating thicknessMax 4.2 mm

We offer not only 3LPE seamless steel pipe, but also 3LPE coated ERW pipes, 3LPE coated LSAW pipes, 3LPE coated SSAW pipes. Specification according to DIN 30670 N-n or DIN30670 N-v, etc.

What Are the Advantages of 3LPE Coating?

A combination of 3PE coated steel pipe and FBE and PE found in the layers of 3LPE. Using it for underground water, coal, and oil transportation is becoming increasingly popular. A factory with 3LPE coated steel pipe production equipment can also coat FBE coated steel pipes if it has 3LPE coated steel pipe production equipment.

The 3LPE coating applied to piping systems combines excellent protection for both large and small diameter pipes. It is ideal for use in applications that are moderately hot, as its adhesive FBE component provides durable and long-term corrosion resistance. The tough polyethylene layer on the 3LPE Coated Seamless Tube preserves during transit an installation; it also prevents damage caused by chemicals, shear forces, and abrasive soil. It thickened to give an additional level of mechanical protection to the 3LPE Coated Welded Pipe without expensive backfill. In effect, this reduces repair costs and provides greater in-ground protection.

Features of 3LPE Coated Carbon Steel Pipe

External anti-corrosion 3LPE Coated Pipe for pipeline protection

  • Corrosion Resistance: 3LPE Coating prevents steel pipe from corrosion. Excellent chemical resistance properties and resistance to cathodic disbondment. 3LPE Coating has got good resistance to moisture permeability.
  • Mechanical Protection: Top coat of polyethylene prevents abrasion and damage to fusion bonded epoxy during handling. Polyethylene topcoat permits use of local material without relying on specific backfilling material.
  • High Bond Strength: The external and internal 3LPE coating and lining bonded firmly to the mild steel pipe surface and the mean adhesion strength is 125 kg/cm² (ASTM D 4541).
  • Long Working Life: Pipe has constant performance characteristics through out the life span. Service life of more than 75 years. 
  • Customized Solutions: 3LPE external coating applied from diameters 25 mm to 3000 mm with lengths of up to 12m.

Characteristics of 3LPE coated steel pipe :

High tightness.

It can save energy, reduce costs, protect the environment in long-term operation.

Corrosion resistance is very strong.

The construction side simply speed. Up to 30 – 50 years of service life. With good resistance to corrosion and impact resistance, low water absorption. The LPE ( less than 0.01%) at low temperatures.

High strength epoxy.

The 3LPE Coated Pipes offer high corrosion reliability, thanks to the LPE absorbent and hot melt adhesive softness. These are electric fusion welded pipes with a three-layer polyethylene coating. This provides an efficient wear and tear reduction, as well as protection from corrosion and hydrogen induced cracking. The dimensions of the 3LPE Coated Seamless Tubes range from ¼ inches to 100 inches nominal bore sizes, depending on the grades of material used.

Additionally, 3LPE Coated Welded Pipes made up of sheets, plates and coils that filled with filler materials. They intended for use in oil and gas, power generation, electric, ship building and other industries that require long lasting durability – up to 75 years in some cases. The structural benefit comes from the primer bonding with the pipe in the first layer; a copolymer acts as an adhesive for the third layer in the middle; while a tough polyethylene applies wear and tear resistance in the outermost layer. The 3 Layer Polyethylene Coating applied to any type of carbon steel or other material pipe.

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Application & Usage of 3LPE Coating Seamless Pipes

Pipeline projects require pipes that can withstand harsh, corrosive materials such as oil, gas, water, and other fluids. To ensure their efficacy and longevity, 3LPE coatings used to protect these vital pipes. 3LPE coating is a three-layer polyethylene method that adds impact resistance, abrasion resistance, shock resistance, acid resistance and more to the carbon steel tubing. This creates pipes with high quality and long service lives for long-term use in hostile environments. Other anti-corrosion pipe coating such as 2PE or FBE may used to provide protection from adverse environmental factors.

3LPE Coating Seamless Pipes used to transport natural gas, oil and other liquid materials over long distances. In addition to this, they may also employed in piping systems for urban fuel gas, storage tanks, and groove piping. Primarily, this type of pipe utilised in the electrical and communication industries, as well as water piping systems. Additionally, 3LPE pipes may also be found in applications such as textile machinery, medical gas pipeline systems, pharmaceutical processing industry, fluid piping, modern architecture and water waste projects.


At a low price, we can provide 3LPE Coated Pipes. Not only for seamless pipes, but also for welded pipes, including ERW pipes, SSAW pipes, and LSAW pipes. With our threading, coating, and fabrication services, we can customize our products to meet your specific needs. If you let us know what your unique project needs are, we will make sure you get the carbon steel seamless pipe you need. As a carbon steel seamless pipe supplier, we know what product will work best for you.

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