Structural Seamless Steel Pipe

Structural Seamless Steel Pipe Manufacturer

Structural steel pipe is intended for mechanical and pressure applications and is suitable for pumping, coiling, bending and flanging. It also finds use in steam, water, gas, and air lines. The chemical composition and mechanical properties of this type of pipe make it suitable for a wide array of structural uses.

Types of Structural Pipe

Common types of structural pipe include: 

  • Structural Seamless Steel Pipe: Seamless steel structural pipe is a durable pipe product that commonly used for dock piling, pipe piling, caissons, and bollards.
  • ERW Steel Pipe: This structural pipe typically known to the construction industry as high quality line pipe and it commonly used by the oil and utility companies. This steel pipe used for sign pole, column, dock, and tunnel construction.
  • Spiral Steel Pipe: This is an economical and durable type of structural pipe that offers long lasting durability for things like road casing, piling and trenches. 
  • DSAW Carbon Steel Pipe: This structural pipe is welded on both the OD and the ID. It is available in many different grades and is used for road casing, road boring, culverts, and more.Fence Pipe: This is a type of structural pipe that is becoming popular for building fences because of its high durability and strength. This structural pipe is used for enclosing parks, parking lots, and more.
  • Culvert Pipe: This type of pipe is not necessary a high quality or extremely durable structural pipe, but rather a construction pipe used for diverting water under and around driveways, water and sewer systems, drainage systems, and temporary bridges.

Supply Range of Structural Pipe

Hot-rolled seamless steel tubes and welded steel tubes make up the structure steel pipe. In accordance with “seamless steel tubes for structure” (GB/T8162-2008), seamless steel tubes are classified as hot rolling (extrusion, expansion) and cold drawing (rolling). A hot-rolled steel pipe has an outer diameter of 32-630mm and a wall thickness of 2.5-75mm. A cold-drawn steel pipe has an outer diameter of 5-200mm and a wall thickness of 2.5-12mm.

Welded steel pipe is created through crimping and forming of either steel plate or steel strip, and can be broken down into two types – straight welded steel pipe and spiral welded steel pipe. According to GB/T 3793-2008 regulations, the outer diameter and wall thickness range from 5-508mm and 0.5-12.7mm, respectively. Commonly known as clark pipes, the welded steel pipe for low-pressure fluid transportation is specified in nominal diameters (mm) according to GB/T3091-2008 standards for low-pressure fluid transportation.

Structural Seamless Steel Pipe

For strength and stability, structural steel pipe is used in a variety of applications. IBC Metal Group supplies welded and seamless steel pipe to customers in every industry. You can count on our structural pipe to provide you with the strength and uniformity you need, while also offering you a cost-effective alternative to other structural piping materials. 

As a leading steel pipe supplier, IBC Metal Group offers a large inventory of steel pipe sizes from 1/8” NPS to 48” NPS. We carry structural pipe in:

Grade A53B – hot-dipped galvanized and black, welded and seamless, used for mechanical and pressure purposes. Also used for applications including gas, water, and steam air lines.

A106B Seamless Pipe – also known as A106 seamless pressure pipe. Used for piping applications where fluid and gas transport at high temperatures are necessary.

ASTM A500 Grade B/C Pipe -includes cold-form welded pipes in a variety of shapes for shoring posts, structural steel pipe, steel pipe bollards, and other general use applications. For other sizes, dimensions, and HSS round steel pipe, please see our round steel tubing page.

Usage of Seamless Structural Pipe

Regardless of application use, structural pipe is a material used across a vast array of industries. Some main industry uses include: 

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Machinery
  • Oil and Gas
  • Shoring


You can count on IBC Metal Group for structural seamless steel pipe in hard-to-find sizes. Not only do we have a wide variety of sizes, but we stock most sizes in hard-to-find lengths as well. If you are looking for a length of pipe that you cannot find anywhere else, please contact IBC Group or request a quote today. We also maintain a large inventory of cut lengths and remnants.

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