DIN 1.2510 Cold Work Tool Steel

IBC (Tianjin) Industrial Co., Ltd Supply & Manufacturer & Export DIN 1.2510 Cold Work Tool Steel To All Over the World. DIN 1.2510 Tool Steel equal to ASTM O1 tool steel has deep hardening properties with fine grain structure with unusual toughness. This tool steel offers good durability, gives excellent wear resistance and holds a good cutting edge. DIN 1.2510 cold work tool steels also has good response to heat treatment with small dimensional changes.

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Supply Range of DIN 1.2510 Cold Work Tool Steel

Round Bar Ø (mm):

  • Hot Rolled from Ø12~Ø50;
  • Hot Forged: EAF-Ø50~Ø250; ESR-Ø50~Ø650;

Flat Bar (mm):

  • EAF Thickness from 20~200, width from 80~610;
  • ESR: Thickness from 20~450, width from 610 max;


Vacuum degassing, pure steel, spheroidizing annealing suitable for cutting, high quenching hardness, stable tempering size.

Mechanical properties of DIN 1.2510:

  • Linear expansion coefficient, α: 11.9 * 10-6 K-1;
  • Thermal conductivity, λ: 25 W * m-1 * K-1;
  • Hardness in softened condition: <241 HBW;

Hardness after hardening and tempering:

  • 200℃: >61 HRC;
  • 250℃: 60,5 HRC;
  • 300℃: 58,8 HRC;
  • 350℃: 56,6 HRC;
  • 400℃: 54,4 HRC;
  • 450℃: 51,8 HRC;
  • 500℃: 49,4 HRC;
  • 550℃: 46,7 HRC.


Recommended applications include cold forming dies, punching dies, bending dies, forming rolls, reamer, knurling tools, and measuring tools. DIN 1.2510 cold work tool steel are mainly used for short run tooling for cold forming dies, blanking dies, and cutting tools operating at ambient temperature. Typical applications tool steel are blanking, forming, and trim dies, gages, slitting cutters, punches, bolster dies, knock-out pins, thread roll dies, bending dies, plastic mold dies, shims, cams, machine ways, stamps, machine parts, jigs, cutter templates, swaging dies, etc.

1.2510 cold work tool steel

Chemical Composition (%) of DIN 1.2510 Cold Work Tool Steel


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