ISO8418 Hot Work Tool Steel

IBC Metal Group is specialized in provide ISO8418 Hot Work Tool Steel. We supply all kinds of special steel. Not only hot work steel, but also cold work tool steel, Plastic Mould Steel, High Speed Tool Steel, Alloy Structure Steel, Bearing Steel, Spring Steel and so on. High quality together competitive price make them suitable for your projects. IBC could supply hot work tool steel in round bar & flat bar. Specification according to ASTM/AISI, EN, DIN, JIS, etc. For more information please contact with us today!

Supply Range of ISO8418 Hot Work Tool Steel

  1. Round Bar Ø (mm):
  • Hot Rolled from Ø12~Ø50;
  • Hot Forged: EAF-Ø50~Ø250; ESR-Ø50~Ø650;
  • 2. Flat Bar (mm):
  • EAF Thickness from 20~200, width from 80~610;
  • ESR: Thickness from 20~450, width from 610 max;

Common for the two techniques, hot forging and die casting, is that they both have a die or a tool, which gives the product its final shape. These tools are usually very complex and expensive and in order to lower the production costs, they need to last for a long time. The materials used in the dies for hot forming are today completely made of a special type of steel, called tool steels.


Suitable for Aluminum, Zinc, Copper alloy extrusion die, die casting die, hot forging die and hot scissors. It is also suitable for making plastic mold with high yield.


Good performance, high temperature resistance, excellent cutting performance and polishing performance, After EAF smelting and electroslag remelting, homogenization, refining treatment, the steel quality is better.

8418 hot work tool steel-1

Chemical Composition (%) of ISO8418 Hot Work Tool Steel


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