DIN 1.2343 Hot Work Tool Steel

DIN 1.2343 hot work tool steel are designated as group H steels according to the AISI classification system. From H1 to H19 are the steel series in this series. The most commonly used chromium hot work steels are H11, H12, and H13, which can be air hardened in 150 mm thick sections. The steels are subjected to minimal distortion during hardening due to their balanced alloy content. As these steels contain low carbon and alloy contents, the tools produced from chromium hot work steels can be cooled with water without damage. IBC Metal Group could supply & manufacture this kind of product in a wide sizes and various steel grade. for more information, please contact with us today!

Supply Range of DIN 1.2343 Hot Work Tool Steel

1. DIN 1.2342 Steel Round Bar Ø (mm):

  • Hot Rolled from Ø12~Ø50;
  • Hot Forged: EAF-Ø50~Ø250; ESR-Ø50~Ø650;

2. DIN 1.2342 Hot Work Tool Steel Flat Bar (mm):

  • EAF Thickness from 20~200, width from 80~610;
  • ESR: Thickness from 20~450, width from 610 max;
DIN 1.2343 hot work tool steel
1.2343 hot work tool steel


1.2343 H11 Hot Work Steels is often used for highly stressed structural parts such as aircraft landing gear. It resists softening at temperatures up to 1000 F while retaining good ductility and toughness even at strength levels on the order of 275 ksi.

It Suitable for hot punch, casting die, forging die, hot shear blade, extrusion die.


The air-cooled hardened steel has good toughness, good thermal strength, thermal fatigue performance and certain wear resistance under medium temperature operation.

DIN 1.2343 Hot Work Tool Steel Chemical Composition (%)

1.2842 cold work tool steel

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