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IBC Metal Group produce and export T1 High Speed Tool Steel to all over the world. The T1 Steel also known as AISI/ASTM T1 tool steel is among the popular known and original high-speed tungsten steels. In hot tooling and high-speed steels we normally used Tungsten is high-quality carbide. It is a grey steel metal that increases temperature and red hardness, prevents growth and enhances steel tightness. Tungsten high-speed tools vary from T1 to T15. The tool steel type T1 focuses on the chemical compound, physical, mechanical and thermal properties and other T1 tool steel classifications.

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Supply Range of T1 High Speed Tool Steel

T1 High Speed Tool Steel (T1, 1.3355, HS18-0-1, SKH2)

  • T1 Steel Round Bar: Diameter 2mm – 200mm
  • Steel Flat T1: Thickness 2-20mm x Width 10-100mm
  • T1 Steel Plate: Thickness 2-200mm x Width 200-610mm
  • Surface Finish: Black, Rough Machined, Turned or as per given requirements.

If you are looking for something else other than T1 steel then get in touch with us for more assistance. IBC steel manufacturing company is the biggest supplier of T1 steels in China. Always ready and available to assist and supply any type of high-speed steels at an affordable price.

Relevant Specification of AISI T1 High Speed Tool Steels

Relevant Steel Specification of AISI T1 High Speed Tool Steels

AISI T1 Tool Steel and Equivalents’ Chemical Composition

HSS T1 is 18% Tungsten based high speed tool steel with High Toughness and good cutting properties. With 18% tungsten it is finest effective high-speed steel grade based on W, with high resistance to wear, red hardness and toughness. Cutting parameters which has high tensile strength, Tungsten in this tool steel makes it easy to cut them – hardness upto 63-66 HRC post heat treatment.

AISI T1 Tool Steel and Equivalents’ Chemical Composition Properties

High Speed Steel T1 Tool Steel Mechanical Properties

High Speed Steel T1 Tool Steel Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties of T-1 Steel

Mechanical Properties of T-1 Steel

Forging of AISI HSS T1 Tool Steel

Preheat T1 high speed tool steel uniformly and slowly to 850-880°C. Increase the forging temperature for T-1 tool steel until 1050-1130°C. T1 HSS tool steel should be cooled very slowly after forging.

Heat Treatment

Annealing —— 1. Annealing recommended after hot working and before re hardening; 2. Heat the temperature to 850°C at a rate of no more than 220°C per hour; 3. Hold at the temperature for one hour per inch of thickness(at least two hours); 4. Cool slowly in the furnace or in air to ambient temperature; 5. The resultant hardness achieved should be Max 255HB or lower.

Hardening —— 1. Preheat T1 to 480-500°C ,then up to 880-900°C. 2. Heat to the final hardening temperature of 1200°C and make sure the material must be heated through. 3. Quench in the warm oil,and then complete the quench in air.(care must be taken at this step); 4. T1tool steel is suitable for vacuum hardening.

Tempering —— 1. Tempering must be done immediately after quenching. 2. Heat thoroughly and uniformly to the tempering temperature; 3. Hold at the temperature for at least two hours (one hour per inch of the total thickness). 4. Triple tempering strongly recommended for T1 tool steel.

AISI/ASTM T1 Tool Steel Heat Treatment and Properties

AISI ASTM T1 Tool Steel Heat Treatment and Properties

Applications of ASTM/AISI T1 Tool Steel

Generally, high speed steels used for machining at high speeds. HSS T1 steel materials widely used for: Broaches; Drills; Hobs; Knurling Tools; Lathe Tools; Milling Cutters; Nut Piercers; Planer Tools; Reamers; Shaving Tools; Taps; Thread Cutting Tools.

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T1 High Speed Tool Steel


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