EN10111 DD11 Automotive Steel

Description of EN10111 DD11 Automotive Steel

IBC Metal Group could supply & export EN10111 DD11 automotive steel. BS EN10111 is the European standard that specifies the grades of continuously hot rolled low carbon steel sheet and strip (in coils) for cold forming. It is a very low carbon. Hot rolled steel sheet material extensively used in cold forming in the dry or pickled and oiled condition. In addition to good welding qualities, DD12, DD13 and DD14 specify even lower chemical and mechanical levels. Making them ideal for deep drawing, extra deep drawing and more complex presswork.

Hot rolled steel can be supplied with two different surface qualities. The first one has a thin adhesive scale layer with different coloration. But it gets usually with the second surface quality supplied which is a descaled or pickled and oiled surface. In this case both sides receive a protective layer of oil that is chemically neutral. Non-drying, and free of foreign bodies. The oil layer can be removed with alkaline solutions or other common solvents. The surface finish shall be free of overlaps, blisters, shells, cracks and scratches that may affect the usability. Pores, slight scars, slight marks, slight scratches, discoloration and wrinkles from unwinding are permitted.

Chemical Composition of EN10111 DD11 Automotive Steel

For general manufacturing applications, such as cold forming parts for the automotive industry. EN10111 DD11 is a low carbon hot-rolled steel. EN10111 DD11 steel is a low carbon hot-rolled steel with good welding and forming properties. Carbon, manganese, phosphorus, and sulfur make up the main chemical elements of EN10111 DD11 steel, which contains low levels of silicon and aluminum and other elements.

Chemical Composition of EN10111 DD11 Automotive Steel

Here is the chemical composition of EN10111 DD11 steel.

DD11 Steel Application

With their outstanding moldability properties, galvanized steel coils and sheets offer great decorative effects, superior anti-corrosive performance, and are pollutant-free and easy to recycle. These features make them perfect for use as finished products and raw materials in the production of color coated plates. Their application extends beyond the automotive sector to construction, home appliances, decoration and more. Hot dip galvanized/galvannealed steels have become increasingly popular in the auto industry due to demand for improved corrosion resistance and paint adherence leading to a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

These steels used within car bodies for various components. In addition they used extensively in building projects ranging from cladding, roofs, doors, fences and profiling elements to agricultural machinery parts that require varying thickness levels depending on the desired protection from atmospheric conditions.

Sheet of this quality has a greater degree of ductility and is more consistent in performance than commercial steel because of higher standards in production, selection and melting of the steel. It is suitable for automotive panels, audio-visual equipment, and heating apparatus.

Steel Deep Drawing DD11

This type of sheet made using special steelmaking and finishing techniques, ensuring increased ductility for parts with precise drawing requirements. It suited for automotive external panels, such as front fenders or rear fenders, that require superior workability. Al-killed deep drawing sheet also guarantees quality against extreme streching or straining. DD11 steel Surface finish: The surface finish of cold-rolled steel sheet is either dull or bright.

Our product range hot rolled steel of grades DD11, DD12, DD13 and DD14. Also known as soft steels, they characterized by their great formability used for deep drawing and bending purposes. Versatile in use, these steels render yield point, tensile strength and guaranteed minimum elongation as mechanical properties. Applications of the same include stamped parts, pressed elements, tubes, car wheels, agricultural equipment and shelving systems due to its advantageous features.

EN10111 DD11 Automotive Steel -1
EN10111 DD11 Automotive Steel -1


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EN10111 DD11

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