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What is SPHD Steels?

JIS G3131 is a Japanese material standard for hot rolled steel and specifies the hot-rolled mild steel plates, sheets and strips intended for general fabrication and drawing purposes. SPHD is one of the grade symbols included in this specification. JIS G3131 SPHD steel is considered to be of drawing quality, as they can be used to create metallic sheets. This grade of material falls within the category of dead mild steel and conforms to JIS G3193 in terms of shape, dimensions, mass and their tolerances. The tolerance on thickness must be in line with the table given, however measurements for edge camber should only be carried out if requested by the purchaser.

Tolerances of thickness of JIS G3131 SPHD

For additional knowledge on this type of steel, one can look into SPHC steels due to the slight distinction in chemical composition between the two types. This difference ensures improved mechanical properties for SPHD steels. 

Chemical Composition of SPHD Steels:

In SPHD steel, the following chemicals are present in a given proportion: Carbon has less than or equal to 0.10%, Manganese has less than or equal to 0.60 %, Phosphorous and sulfur have maximum ranges of 0.05 %, and iron makes up the rest. Since SPHD steels hot rolled, they are available in thicknesses ranging from 1200mm to 14mm and widths ranging from 1200mm to 2000mm.

SymbolC maxMn maxP maxS max

General requirements and sampling method for chemical analysis. The chemical composition of the steel sheet and coil determined by cast analysis, and the general requirements for chemical analysis and the sampling method of specimen for analysis shall be as specified in clause 8 of JIS G0404.

Mechanical Properties of SPHD Steels

The tensile strength of SPHD grade is same as of SPHC steel grade i.e. at-least 270 N/mm2 (MPa). The elongation of this grade is different for different ranges of thicknesses. Looking at the lower tolerable elongation for the lower gauge of 1.2 to 1.5 mm is 30 % minimum. The bend-ability of material is 180 degrees on itself.

Annealing hardness 
Cold pull hardness HBSPreheating temperature 
Holding time
Hardening mediumTemper temperature
After tempering hardness ≥HRC
2352627885~15air cooling52260

Hot Rolling Process

A hot rolled steel grade means that the material has been subjected to a manipulative process known as hot rolling by passing a metal bar through high tension rollers above the re-crystallization temperature of the input metal. As well as reducing the thickness of sheets, the roller also alters their grain structure.

JIS G3131 SPHD Steel Work Marking

The steel sheet and coil having passed the inspection marked with the following details for each bundle by suitable means. The steel sheets which are not bundled shall be marked for each sheet. ① symbol of grade ② heat number or inspection number ③ dimensions ④ the number of sheets for each bundle or mass ⑤ manufacturer’s name or its identifying brand.


Application of SPHD Steel Machining Parts

It is common for SPHD steel machining parts used for parts that have a common formability requirement, such as gear cases, electric devices, jack shells, collar rims, wheel dishes, and compressors. We will provide you with a competitive price, good quality, and fast delivery if you need SPHD steel structure or SPHD steel work processing.


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