ISO65 Galvanized Steel Pipe

What is ISO65 Galvanized Steel Pipe?

Obviously, ISO65 Galvanized Steel pipe is the pipe manufacturing according to the international standard ISO65. We called – Carbon steel tubes suitable for screwing in accordance with ISO 7/1. Usually, the pipe are seamless and welded, so these pipes coated with galvanized, we called it ISO65 Galvanized Steel Pipe. IBC Metal Group could manufacturer and export all kinds of galvanized steel pipe.

ISO65 Galvanized Steel Pipes
ISO65 Galvanized Steel Pipes-6

Supply Range of ISO 65 Galvanized Steel Tube

Grade: TS, TW

Wall Thickness (W.T.): 1.8 mm ~ 5.4 mm

Outside Diameter (O.D.): 10 mm ~ 165 mm

Equivalent Standard: ASTM A53, EN 10255, BS 1387, JIS G3452

ISO 65 Carbon steel tubes suitable for screwing in accordance with ISO 7-1

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What Descriped in ISO 65?

  1. Scope and field of application
  2. References
  3. Calculation of masses
  4. General Requirements
  5. Material
  6. Appearance
  7. Dimensions
  8. Tolerances
  9. Tests
  10. Designation
  11. Certificate

This international standardestablishes the dimensions and characteristric of seamless and welded steel tubes for four separate series, namely: haavy series, medium series, light series 1 for seamless and welded steel tube and light series 2 for welded steel tubes.

Chemical Composition and Mechanical Property:

ISO 65 Galvanized Steel Pipe

Dimension of ISO65 Galvanized Steel Pipe

The nominal size DN, the thread designation, the specified outsde diameter, the thickness and masses per unit length given in table 2.

ISO 65 Galvanized Steel Pipe
Table 2

All threaded screwed tubes shall have threads in accordance with the requirements of ISO 7/1 except that on light series 2 tubes. The basic length of useful thread shall be reduced to 80% of that shown in ISO 7/1. The sockets shall comply with ISO 50. Random lengths unless otherwise specified, 4 to 7 M.

Threaded Pipe
Grooved Pipe

Appearance in ISO65 Specification

The tubes shall have smooth external and internal surfaces, the degree of smoothness depending on the method of manufacture. Unless otherwise agreed in the Order, we will not remove the internal weld bead. The tubes shall have a workmanlike finish but small imperfections are permissible provided that the thickness remains within the lower tolerante limit.

Surface imperfections may be dressed provided that the thickness after dressing remains within the lower tolerante limit. Not permitted peening of surface defects. The tubes shall be tut nominally Square to the axis of the tube, and shall be free from excessive burrs and reasonably straight.

Calculation of Masses

The values for masses per unit length have been calculated on the basis of the mean of the maximum and minimum diameters given in table 3 and using the basis for calculation as given in ISO 4200 and have been modified for screwed and socketed tubes by an amount based on the mean mass of a socket and a length of 7 m.


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EN10255 Galvanized Steel Pipe

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