EN10255 Galvanized Steel Pipe

IBC (Tianjin) Industrial Co., Ltd offer a full range of BS EN10255 Galvanized steel pipe and tube. Over the years this material has been known by many names including BS 1387 steel tube, gas list, steam tube, blue band, red band and many others. Our EN10255 steel pipe is available in full random 6.5m and half random 3.25m lengths. In terms of connections we can supply tube with plain ends, BSPT taper screwed and socket as well as grooved ends.

EN10255 Galvanized Steel Pipe

Threaded Pipe Ends

219 mm Galvanized Grooved ERW pipe-1

Grooved Pipe Ends

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EN10255 Galvanized Steel Pipes H & Medium Series:

BS EN 10255 pipe is a non-alloy steel tubes which is suitable for welding and threading and provides a numerous options for the finish of tubes ends and coatings.

EN 10255 has two types: Heavy type and Medium Type.

  • Outside Diameter (O.D): 10.6 mm -166.5 mm
  • Wall Thickness (W.T) : 2.0 mm – 5.4 mm
  • Length: 5800 mm / 6000 mm
  • Pipe Ends Process: Plain, Threaded, Threaded & Socketed.

Our main products including EN 10255 carbon steel tube, EN 10255 steel tube, EN 10255 seamless steel tube, EN 10255 welded steel tube, EN 10255 Type L series steel tube, EN 10255 L1 series steel tube, EN 10255 L2 series steel tube.

EN 10255 Tubes Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties:

EN 10255 Tubes Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties

EN10255 Galvanized Steel Pipe (Hot Dipped)

EN 10255 (BS 1387), Specification for screwed and socketed steel tubes for plain end steel tubes suitable for welding or for screwing. EN 10255 Grade S195T a commonly used material for gas, liquid, water, etc. One of the most ordinary surface finishes used on bs en 10255 material is galvanization. In this process, BS EN10255 galvanised dipped in a hot vat of solution that contains zinc.

The liquid zinc gets attached to the surface of the BS EN 10255 Steel Pipe, thus it covers every inch of it with a thick zinc layer. Zinc is a component which provides superior atmospheric corrosion resistance. And because the zinc coating layer is much thicker in comparison to a plain electroplating layer. The possibility of corrosion in din en 10255 threaded tube is much lower.

Another coating is blackening, where the en10255 seamless is coated with a black oxide layer. Thereby reducing its light refection, while offering a milder form of corrosion resistance properties. Under advanced rolling technology, our steel tubes have smaller tolerance range. Professional technicians appointed for inspection of this inside and outside surface of non-alloy steel pipes.

EN10255 S195T Seamless Tubing Manufacturer in China

Threaded or welded pipes produced under EN 10255 provide many options for finishing their ends. Galvanization is among the most popular techniques for EN 10255 non-alloyed steel tubes, where they are immersed into a hot zinc solution to give them a thick layer of the protective metal. This method covers every inch of the pipe with a layer of zinc.

Zinc is an element with superior atmospheric corrosion resistance and the thickness of its coating is much greater than that of a plain electroplating layer. This helps reduce the chances of corrosion in an EN 10255 Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Tube. Blackening, offered by many manufacturers for Welded Steel Pipe BS EN 10255:2004, is another option. It coats the pipe with a layer of black oxide to decrease its reflection and provides milder protection from corrosion.

This particular standard envelopes EN 10255 steel pipe which produced with a specified outside diameter ranging between 10.2 mm to 16551 mm. Or the size of the thread ranging between 1/8 to 6 inches. The standard also covers EN 10255 Non-Alloy Steel Tubes in two series. Medium and heavy, in addition to three kinds of designated thicknesses.

Application of EN10255 Galvanized Steel Pipe

Non-alloy steel tube is suitable for welding and threading. It is mostly used for transporting petroleum and fluids. IBC Metal Group is one of the largest manufacturers of high quality BS EN10255 Standards. Our EN10255 galvanized steel pipe & black steel pipe are suitable for fire fighting, water lines (cold and hot), gas lines, HVAC lines, and electrical poles. For threads and welding, EN 10255 defines the deviation range for non-alloy steel tubes.

EN10255 Steel Tube-4
EN10255 Steel Tube-3


BS EN 10255 tube is available in a range of finishes, from red oxide primer painted and HDG galvanised to self-colour, also known as black or unfinished steel. Both medium and heavy wall thicknesses can be found to suit a variety of pressure requirements. Smaller sizes start from 1/2″ (15mm) nominal bore while larger options can reach up to 6″ or DN150. Whatever your project may be – sprinkler system, diesel, petrol or oil line, non-potable water system, welding or coating – you are sure to find the right material, finish, grade and size with us!

EN10255 Steel Tube-4

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