Black Coating ERW Pipe

IBC Metal Group is one of leading manufacturer of black coating ERW Pipe. ERW pipe short for Electric resistance welded pipe. It is made from hot rolled steel coil or slits and the weld seam runs parallel to the pipe. All the incoming coils are verified based on the test certificate received from steel mill for their chemistry and mechanical properties. ERW pipe is cold-formed into a cylindrical shape, not hot-formed.

black coating erw steel pipes

Black steel pipes made of steel that has not been coated with a substrate such as zinc or paint. Since it has a dark color surface that forms by iron oxide during the manufacturing process. We call it black steel pipe.

Scope of Black Coating ERW Pipe

IBC Metal Group manufacturers Black Coating ERW pipe from 21.3mm (15NB) to 609.6mm (600NB), for transportation of water & sewage purpose. Black coating have different types. Such as black bituminous coated, black vanished coated. And we could prefer black color 3LPE or FBE according to customer’s requirements.

Scope of ERW Steel Pipe

  • Outside Diameter: 21.3mm ~ 609.6mm
  • Wall Thickness: 1.0mm ~ 16.0mm
  • Specification: ASTM A53, API 5L, EN10219, EN10217 and etc.
  • Steel Grade: Q235; Q355; X42, X52, X60, S355JH, S355J0H and etc.
  • Surface Treatment: Bare, Galvanized, Black Vanished, 3LPE, FBE, and etc.

What Black Steel Pipes Used For?

Black steel pipes have a variety of use thanks to their strength and needs for little maintenance. They used for transporting gas and water to rural areas and urban areas or for conduits that protect electrical wiring and deliver high pressure steam and air. In addition, black steel pipes also used in oil and petroleum industries for piping large quantities of oil through remote areas.

Other uses of black steel pipes include gas distribution inside and outside homes, water wells and sewage systems. However, black steel pipes never used for transporting potable water due to the fact that they tend to corrode in water and mineral of the pipe will dissolve into the water and clog the line as well.

Which is Better? Seamless or ERW Pipe?

Seamless steel pipe has better pressure capacity, strength is higher than ERW welded steel pipe. So it widely applied in high pressure equipment, and thermal, boiler industries. Generally the welding seam of the welded steel pipe is the weak point, the quality affect overall performance. If only seeing the appearance of seamless and ERW pipe, there is no big difference.

black steel pipes in bundles
Seamless Steel Pipe With Black Vanished Coating
ERW Steel Pipe With Black Vanished Coating

Obviously, seamless pipe’s price is higher than ERW steel pipe. So prefer the suitable pipe according to your projects usage.

What Different Between Galvanized and Black Pipe?

Black steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe are the two most common kind of pipe applied to transport liquid and gas. Both black steel pipe and galvanized pipe made of steel, however, galvanized pipe has a zinc coating while black pipe does not. As a result galvanized pipe is more durable.

As these Black & GI Pipes can be manufactured with high wall thickness, the same are best suited for corrosive environments, including water & sewage treatment plants. Due to its ability to withstand high temperature, black steel pipes are extensively used in fire fighting & in some cases even GI pipes are being recommended by architects & engineers to be used in place of Black Pipes are zinc coated pipes have a higher life span. IBC Metal Group Galvanized Pipes have a thicker coat of Zinc layer, that further increases the life of the Pipe, in comparison to ERW black steel bare pipe.

Galvanized ERW Steel Pipes In Bundle
black steel pipe at sea port
Bare ERW Steel Pipe Loading in Sea Port

IBC’s black pipes or GI pipes when used in Fire Fighting system, they along with protection of Customers confidence, they play a vital role in protection of life & property. IBC’s both Black & GI pipe due to their sturdiness can bear heavy loads.


IBC (Tianjin) Industrial can provide ERW black steel pipes with the quality strictly in acc. to ASTM A53, API 5L, EN10219, EN10217 etc. Our ERW black steel pipe with premium quality, we can accept TPI inspection by your designation. We can produce by your customed  requirements 100% brand newly produced or supply you the stock pipes for your urgent needs. Besides ERW black steel pipe, we can also do other carbon steel pipes, like seamless steel pipe, LSAW pipe, spiral welded (SSAW) pipe, and galvanized pipe, stainless steel tubes. IBC also have all kinds of coils and manufacturing pipe machine. You could buy them together and ship to your countries to make pipes in domestic.

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