ASTM A53 Grade B Galvanized Pipe

IBC Metal Group is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of ASTM A53 Grade B Galvanized pipe in different scales, sizes and grades. ASTM A53 Grade B Galvanized Pipe is part of the ASTM A53 grade carbon steel material made pipes. There are different types and grades of the A53 standard that used in low pressure plumping and other similar use cases. Although the A 53 Gr B is the most used type in this grade, there are three different types, namely the Type F, Type E and the Type S. All three types of the A53 Gr.B pipe are for different purposes. All types could be galvanized.

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Scope of ASTM A53 Specification

This specification covers seamless & welded carbon steel pipe for high-temperature service with nominal (average) wall thickness as given in ASME B36.10M. Pipe ordered under this specification shall be suitable for bending, flanging, and similar forming operations and welding. Pipe sizes NPS 1/8” to NPS 26” are covered in this standard. This is equivalent to DN 6 to DN 650.

ASTM A53 Gr.B Galvanized Pipe

ASTM A53 Gr.B Galvanized Pipe are ASTM A53 Gr.B pipe coating with hot-dipped or zinc-coated. They manufactured by welding or by a seamless manufacturing process. All these are called ASTM A53 Gr.B Galvanized Pipe. ASTM A53, one of the most widely used material standards for Steel pipes that used in the Oil and Gas and other process industries. Grade B of ASTM A 53 is more popular than other grades. In Oil and Gas, A53 grade pipes used in structural and non-critical applications. They not used in hydrocarbon services or any high pressure and temperature services.

Types of Pipes Covered In ASTM A53

  • Type F – Furnace – Butt Welded Continuous Welded Pipe.

Grade A. Type F Garde A type pipe is made by continuous coil, and the longitudinal joint is welded by forge welding. In this process, sets of rollers are used that create mechanical pressure to join the heated ends of the coil.

  • Type E – Electric Resistance Welded Pipe.

Grade A & Grade B. Garde A and Garde B pipes of Type E are made by continuous coil, and the longitudinal joint is welded by heat produced due to electric resistance between opposite ends of the pipe. In this process also, a set of rollers are used to join heated ends. The weld seam of Grade B pipes is heat-treated after welding to a minimum of 540°C.

  • Type S – Seamless Pipe

Grade A & Grade B. Type S of pipes are manufactured using the extrusion method. Raw steel used to manufacture pipes is produced by open-hearth, electric furnace, or basic-oxygen method.

Chemical Analysis

ASTM A53Type SType EType F
ElementsGrade AGrade BGrade AGrade BGrade A
Carbon max. %0.250.300.250.300.30
Manganese %0.951.200.951.201.20
Phosphorous, max. %
Sulfur, max. %0.0450.0450.0450.0450.045
Copper, max.%0.400.400.400.400.40
Nickel, max. %0.400.400.400.400.40
Chromium, max. %0.400.400.400.400.40
Molybdenum, max. %
Vanadium, max. %

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical PropertySeamless and Electric-resistance-weldedContinuous-Welded
Grade AGrade BGrade A
Tensile Strength, min., psi48,00060,00045,000
Yield Strength, min., psi30,00035,00025,000


If ordered galvanized, A53 seamless pipe must be coated inside and out via the hot-dip process. Zinc used for galvanized coatings must conform to Specification B6. The weight of this coating must not be less than 1.8 oz./ft2 (0.55 kg/m2). Test specimens for coating weight testing will be cut in approximately 4” lengths.

  • Wall Thickness Permissible Variation: The minimum wall thickness at any point in a length of A53 steel pipe must not be more than 12.5% less than the specified wall thickness.
  • Permissible Variations in Outside Diameter: For ASTM A53 steel pipe NPS 1-1/2 and smaller, outside diameter must not exceed 1/64” over and 1/32” under specified diameter. For A53 pipe NPS2 and larger, outside diameter must not exceed 1% over and 1% under specified diameter.

The equivalent grades include ASTM/ ASME/ API. In the Mechanical Pressure industries, ASTM/ ASME A53 Carbon Steel Grade B ERW Type Pipes are used for marine, food processing, petrochemicals, offshore drilling and storage, pharmaceutical equipment, food processing, condensers, heat exchangers, and pharmaceutical equipment. Please add ASTM A53 Grade B Galvanized Pipe to your request now and contact us at our helpline number or email address.

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