Tool Steel Application Chart

Toll Steel Application Chart Shows All Application of Tool Steel. In addition to cutting, forming, shearing, and stamping metals and plastics, tool steels are also used to extrude plastics, such as pipes and vinyl window frames, as well as manufacture dies for pressing metal powder into gears. More applications shows in the Tool Steel Applications Chart below.

Classification of Tool Steel

Tool steels are classified based on their properties and composition as follows:

(1) High-speed steels

  • Molybdenum high-speed steels
  • Tungsten high-speed steels
  • Intermediate high-speed steels

(2) Hot-work steels

  • Chromium hot-work steels
  • Tungsten hot-work steels
  • Molybdenum hot-work steels

(3) Cold-work steels

  • Air-hardening, medium-alloy, cold-work steels
  • High-carbon, high-chromium, cold-work steels
  • Oil-hardening cold-work steels

(4) Water-hardening tool steels

(5) Shock-resisting steels

(6) Low-alloy special-purpose tool steels

(7) Low-carbon mold steels

More applications you could find in the Tool Steel Applications Chart below. For more information, please contact with us today!

First Part of Tool Steel Application Chart

Tool ApplicationGeneral Requirements1St Choice
ArborsStrength, WearO1
AugersWear, ToughnessA2
BeadingFatigue, WearD3
Bits (Tool Holder)Wear, ShockM2
Bits (Router)H.S. MachiningM2 / T1
Bits (Screw Driver)Hard,ToughSi M2
BoringWear, H.S. CuttingM2 / T1
Brick MouldsWearA2 D3 2311
BroachesEdge,Wear, Shock, Chip Res.M2 /T1/M42
Bunters (Cold Heading)Hard Surface, Tough CoreO1
BurnishingExtreme Surface HardnessD2
BurrsHard, Non ChipM2
CamsStability In HardeningO1/D2
Centres (Dead)Resist To GallingM2
Centres (Live)Max Toughness & StrengthD2
Blacksmiths ChiselsResist To GallingS1
Chisels – Cold, Hand & PneumaticHold Cutting EdgeS1
— HotRed HardnessH13
File CuttingWear & EdgeM2
ChasersEdge & ChippingM2
Clippers (Bolt)Hard & ToughS1
Cores Zn, Al, Mg ,Sn, Press. DiecastingTough,Heat CheckingH13
— Cu AlloysRed HardnessH21
Concrete BreakersShock, Abrasion2767 S1
CountersinksKeen EdgeM2 T1
Cutters(Form & Gear)Red HardnessM42
– Pipe Glass Wire SlittingKeen EdgeD2
– CoalImpactS1
Dies – Blanking HotRed HardnessM2
– ColdToughD2
– Forging BrassHeat Checking, Red HardnessH10A H21
– BurnishingWear,Non GallingD2
– Coining ColdResist To Spalling & SplittingD2
– Coining HotWashing, Heat CheckingH13 H21

Second Part of Tool Steel Application Chart

– Cutting Leather, Paper, FabricWear, Dim Tol.D2
– Drawing – ColdWearO1 D2
– Drawing – HotAbrasion, Heat CheckingH10A H21
– Extrusion ColdHard, Wear Resist.D2
– HotRed HardnessH13 H21
– CrimpingHard & ToughD2
– EmbossingWear & Chip ResistD2
– Die CastingRed HardnessH12 H13 H21
– Forging HotStrength, Red HardnessH13 H21
– Forming BendingDim Tol.O1 D2
– Header – ColdResist Pick UpO1 M2
– HotSplittingH13 S1
– LaminationAbrasionA2 D2
– NeedleDim StabilityO1
– NailKeen EdgeM2
– BurnishingHard & Abrasion ResistM2
– Powder MetalWearD2
– ShavingEdge & AbrasionD2
– Stamping – ColdEdge & AbrasionO1 D2
– Hot – BrassThermal ShockH1Oa H12 H13
– SwagingShock, FatigueS1 2767
– ThreadingKeen EdgeM2
– Thread RollerStability In Harden.GD2 M2 M35 M42
– TrimmerKeen EdgeM2
– Tube Drawing And BendingNon GallingD2 2767
– Wire DrawingAbrasion ResistD2 M2
Drills – TwistRed HardnessM2 M35 M42
Drills – CentreWearM2
Jigs & BushesDim. StabilityO1 D2 S1
Engravers ToolsKeen EdgeO1 D2
Form CuttersEdge Resist To Crumbling And ChippingM2 T1 M42
Gauges – Plug, Ring And SnapWearD2
– Thread Plug, Ring PlugWearO1 D2
HobsWearM2 T1 M35
HubsResist SplittingD2

Third Part of Tool Steel Application Chart

Knives – Leather|
| Keen Edge Combined With Toughness
– Paper O1 T1
– Circular O1 M42
– Woodwork M2
Knurling ToolsTough, HardD2
Lathe ToolsCutting EdgeM2 M42
Liners – Mould BrickAbrasionD3 D2
Moulds – PlasticLow Inclusions, Polishability2767 2311 420
Nozzles –Resist To Heat CheckingH13
– Diecasting 1.2714
Parting ToolsKeen Edge,M2 T1
Mandrels – HotHot HardnessH13
– ColdHard & Abrasion ResistD2 S1
Pins – DowelHardnessH13
– GaugeWearA2 D2
Punches – ColdShock, Wear, Tough˜D2 M2 2767 S1
– Centre, Drawing, Forming,Hard, Wear, ShockO1 D2
– PharmaceuticalHard, Wear ,ShockD2 S1 440C
– HotWear, Resist To Heat CheckingH13 M2 H10A H21
ReamersEdge, Non GallingM2
Rifling ToolsKeen EdgeM2 Ti
Roll TurningMax HardnessM2 T1
Rolls – ColdWear , HardnessO1 D2 M2
– HotWear & ShockM2 H13
Saws – Hacksaws Band, CircularTough & HardM2 T1
Shafts – DriveTorsional StrengthO1
Shear Blades Cold – Light StockHardness, Wear & Keen EdgeO1 2767 D2
Cold – HeavyShockD2 D3 M2 S1
– HotThermal ShockH13 M2
SpindlesDim. StabilityO1 D2
SpinningWearD2 M2
SlottingKeen Edge, HardM42
Stamps – StencilsHard & ToughO1 S1 M2
Straight EdgesStability In H/TO1
Stripper PlatesPrecise Size ControlO1
TapsEdge,Thread FormM1 M2 T1
Thread RollersTough & HardD2 M2 T1 M42
Tool BitsKeen EdgeM2 T1 M42
WoodworkingKeen EdgeM2 T1
Wortle PlatesAbrasionD2
ASME SA204 Pressure Vessel Plates

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