Application of Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Piles

Hot rolled steel sheet piles are a new type of environmental protection building material, which has the advantages of high strength, strong durability and good water insulation. At present, wharf, dyke, dock, cofferdam and other projects are inseparable from its figure.  

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Hot Rolling Process and Material Characteristics

Hot rolling process is the process of heating the billet above the crystallization temperature in the heating furnace, and then rolling through the rolling mill. In this process, the billet will be subjected to pressure plastic deformation. The worker will then obtain the desired section shape and size. This process can effectively improve the density and mechanical properties of steel, while reducing production costs.

Hot rolled steel sheet piles have excellent mechanical properties and welding properties. And their high strength and good plasticity make them able to withstand greater external forces. At the same time, this steel has good corrosion resistance and durability. And it can maintain long-term stability in harsh natural environments.

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Application and Quality Control

It is widely used in construction. Take bridge construction as an example, it can be used as the support structure of the bridge, bear the load of the bridge floor and transfer it to the foundation. During the construction of the pier, it can also form a revetment structure to protect the pier from wave erosion. In addition, it also plays an important role in the construction of underground continuous wall.

Of course, the quality inspection and control of steel is the key to ensuring its performance and safe use. Common quality inspection items include appearance inspection, size measurement, chemical composition analysis, mechanical properties testing, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to strictly monitor and manage the production process to ensure that every link meets the standards and requirements.

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Market Status of Hot Rolled Steel Sheet piles

With the continuous advancement of infrastructure in various countries around the world and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the hot-rolled steel sheet pile market is showing a steady growth trend. Today, the concept of green building and sustainable development is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. So the market demand for it as an environmentally friendly and reusable building material will further increase.

In the production process, the factory can effectively reduce the emission of waste gas, wastewater and solid waste by adopting advanced environmental protection equipment and technology. In the process of use, this steel can be used many times, reducing the waste of resources and environmental pollution. Of course, we still need to pay attention to the noise, dust and other problems that may be generated in the production process, and take corresponding measures to increase control and governance.

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