What Are The Benefits Of Cold Drawn Steel?

Cold drawn steel is a material that is processed by drawing steel at room temperature. In the production process, the steel will go through a series of processing processes such as drawing, drilling, softening and so on. The purpose of doing so is to improve its surface finish, dimensional accuracy, mechanical properties, etc. In this way, the effect of refining grain and improving microstructure can be achieved.

Cold Drawn Steel

Benefits of Cold Drawn Steel

1. Diversity of shape specifications: It can produce steel with different cross-section shapes and different specifications tolerances by designing molds with different shapes. Angles can also be designed at right angles or rounded corners, and this flexibility allows cold-drawn steel to meet a variety of complex applications.

2. High precision: Its advanced manufacturing process, the use of high-quality cemented carbide mold and professional repair personnel to ensure accurate and unified tolerances. This high precision makes this steel excellent in precision applications, such as automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics and other fields.

3. Smooth surface: After advanced cold extrusion process, the surface of the product is smooth and bright. In addition, there is no need for additional surface treatment, saving production costs and time.

4. Material saving: The cold drawing process will cold extrude raw materials to the required shape, specifications and tolerances, and the loss of raw materials is very small. Compared with traditional lathe machining cutting, it has a significant material saving performance. Especially in the case of large material consumption, the material cost savings are more considerable.

5. Good plasticity and toughness: it has high plasticity and ductility, and can be easily made into various shapes of parts. And it has high toughness, can withstand a certain external impact and is not easy to break.

6. Corrosion resistance: It is cold processed in the manufacturing process, through higher pressure and heat treatment. This gives it a high corrosion resistance and is not easily eroded by oxygen in the air.

7. Excellent mechanical properties: Its manufacturing process makes it have a more uniform organizational structure, so as to perform well in strength and toughness.

Cold Drawn Steel Bar

Is Cold Drawn Steel Brittle or Ductile?

Cold drawn steel not only has a brittle side, but also shows certain ductility. This mainly depends on the process characteristics and the microstructure changes of the material during the cold drawing process.

On the one hand, cold drawing process will cause significant changes in the internal structure of the steel bar, resulting in grain boundary dislocation and twinning, as well as internal residual stress. These factors may increase the risk of brittle fracture during loading, especially in areas with large compressive deformation at surface cross sections, where stress concentration may lead to brittle fracture.

On the other hand, cold drawing treatment can also significantly improve the hardness and strength of the steel bar. And it can improve its ductility and toughness. In the process of cold drawing, the grain structure inside the steel is rearranged, the grain size is reduced, the grain boundary is clear. And the plastic deformation ability of the steel bar is improved. In addition, the steel bar is more ductile and malleable. This change helps the steel to undergo a certain degree of plastic deformation when subjected to external forces, rather than immediately brittle fracture.

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